Jan 13 2012

Harrow Thai Pongal Celebration – January 14, 2012

The First Ever Thai Pongal celebrations at the Civic Centre will be officially opened by The Mayor. Followed by lighting of Thai Pongal lamp, Thai Pongal prayer, welcome dance and welcome song.

Time: 18.45 – 21.00

Price: Free

Venue: Harrow Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow HA1 2XF

For more information contact Cllr Krishna Suresh, T: 07967565477

Supported by Harrow Council Community Development in partnership with Harrow Tamil Community with support from Harrow Police Community Consultative Group (HPCCG)

Source: Harrow Council (who appear to have got the year as 2011, so it’s not showing up on their events calendar, but the Harrow Times have also mentioned it, so I’m pretty sure we’ve all got the right date!)

Thai Pongal is celebrated on the first day of the month Thai of the Tamil calendar. The day normally falls between 12th and 15th of the month of January in the Christian calendar. Thus, Thai is the first month of the Tamil Almanac, and Pongal is a dish of sweet concoction of rice, moong dal, jaggery and milk. This festival is celebrated by one and all as it is non-relevance to any particular religious faith. The whole Tamil population of the world celebrate it without any differences. Therefore it is widely known as “Tamil Thai Pongal” or the “Festival of the Tamils”.

The Tamil festival of Thai Pongal is a thanks giving ceremony in which the farmers celebrate the event to thank the spirits of nature spirit, the Sun and the farm animals for their assistance in providing a successful harvest. The rest of the people celebrate the festival to pay their thanks to the farmers for the production of food. Overall, it is a festival to encourage social cohesiveness and unite people by bringing them together in a common function. There are many songs about Thai Pongal and there is much Tamil literature about it.

More details about Thai Pongal can be found here.

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