Jul 07 2012

Harrow Times – more inept every day?

Regular readers will recall our, uh, disdain for local free rag, the Harrow Times.

Most recently, it announced that Northwick Park faced closure, before quickly retracting the article and replacing it with a story about Central Middlesex’s A&E department.

Before that, it got very confused about the amount that Harrow spent on tree care in the borough, lurching from figures of 83p per tree, to £1.20, then onto £11.11 – quite a difference, we’re sure you’ll agree.

We’ve also seen reports referring to ‘rouge policeman’ and instead of rogues. Red-faced coppers, or imposters?

Today’s example is the Roxeth Show – something that the Times is possibly quite pleased to be sponsoring, seeing that it has it’s name plastered all over the posters in South Harrow. So you’d think they’d manage to get the dates right? In an article about ‘rescue dogs’ (they actually refer to them as ‘pooches’!), they’re telling us all that the date of the show is the 15th and 16th July (see the picture, below). It’s actually the 14th and 15th July, although we’d expect them to correct that mistake fairly quickly as well.

We’d provide links to the articles if we could be bothered to search much further, but the paper’s website seems to be throwing up articles relating to just about everywhere apart from Harrow at the moment.

The show really is on the 14th and 15th July. Don’t believe everything you read in the papers!



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