Nov 10 2011

HarrowArts: A Night on the Tiles – November 24, 2011

A Night on the Tiles is the debut full-length theatre performance of Pen-ultimate in which they create a seedy under-world of scone-guzzling, tea-drinking, scrabble-playing lethal gangsters. The stage is set for a tension filled match of high-stakes scrabble where pride, honour, and revenge are as big a motive as the money.

As you may have guessed, this is a black comedy. And they don’t come blacker or funnier than this – it is truly one of the most fun experiences I have had in a theatre in a long time. The cast work together to create this underworld where everything seems possible, and indeed plausable – why shouldn’t the scariest gangsters fight it out with words as well as weapons? As one of the characters points out ‘words is merely an anagram of swords’. Although at the beginning I felt highly aware of every character’s use of verse and rhyme, I soon became adjusted to it, it was a vital part of what defined the character of this underworld and the language went a long way to enhancing and shaping the piece. The joy of language oozed from every monologue spoken by the members of this talented cast; Ben Mellor’s soliloquy on words beginning with each letter was enthralling and nonsensical (and reawakened my poor brain to many words it had forgotten), Samira Arhin-Acquaah’s monologue upon the death of her ‘brother’ was pacy and thrilling to the point that the verse of it became inconsequential.

Tickets are £5, and the show starts at 8.00pm in the Elliott Hall, Harrow Arts Centre. Book tickets here or via the Box Office on 020 8416 8989.

Review above sourced from www.publicreviews.com.

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