Jun 26 2013

Jeremy Says: Harrow UKIP Action Day – June 29, 2013

jeremy_zeidA reminder about the Harrow UKIP Action Day. 10.30am Saturday 29th June, meeting outside Rayners Lane Tube Station.

We are campaigning on several issues, local parking, damage to shops, Vaughan School planning fiasco, neglected parks and the perennial crappy roads and potholes.

I have just had a meeting with Herbie Crossman and he has arranged for the Harrow Press to come along, so it would look good if we can get a decent turnout, as well as giving the opposition a fright.

With the split council, Labour fragmenting faster than a stun grenade and our continuing positive publicity, this can only be good for us.

In the next weeks we will be campaigning again in Hatch End, leafleting our target Wards and putting a stall in St Ann’s Road, the main Harrow shopping street.

Bring an umbrella, then it won’t rain.

See you on Saturday.

Jeremy Zeid
Chairman – Harrow UKIP

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