May 04 2013

John Lyon Sports Centre – Press Photo Gathering

swimmer_photo_2Following on from our news later week about the impending closure of the John Lyon Swim School closing, it now evolves that this affects more than just the Swim School: it’s the entire Sports Centre facility that is affected, and it will be closing to the wider community users, remaining only available for school purposes.

So, who’s affected? We asked for figures on the number of community users of the school’s sports facility, and were told:

  • Swim school itself – 1100 users
  • Other swimming school users- 500
  • Badminton users – 165
  • Football users – 68
  • Karate/taekwondo – 40
  • Other sports – 50
  • General gym/swimming members – 250

If current rumours are true, and we’ve not had them denied by any of the parties involved, the decision has come about by Harrow Council enforcing a condition on a planning application made in 1996, restricting the use of the facilities to pupil, ex-pupils and their families.

The local press are aware, and are asking parents to gather OUTSIDE the school ground for a photo opportunity in order to run a follow-up article.

  • When: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 4.15pm
  • Where: Middle Road, by the school sign, OUTSIDE of the school’s property

Clearly, many, many people are affected by this. If community users can get the school and/or Harrow Council to reconsider this decision – despite the appalling on-street parking availability in and around the school – it can only be a good thing.


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