Dec 17 2012

Local Councillor Organises Smartwater for Harrow on the Hill Residents

Cllr. Simon Williams, Conservative councillor for Harrow on the Hill, will be in West Street on Wednesday 19th December to offer residents there the SmartWater property marking system. SmartWater was introduced by the Council’s previous Conservative administration, and allows items to be uniquely marked – making them both easier to trace and harder to sell on if stolen. Cllr. Williams will be in West Street from 6pm onwards.

Cllr. Williams said: “I was informed by some residents and by the Neighbourhood Champion in West Street that there have been a small number of thefts from homes and businesses – particularly lead from roofs. Given SmartWater is so versatile it can be used on just about any type of material – even the lead on roofs.

So on Wednesday evening I’ll be in West Street to arrange SmartWater deliveries for any residents there who would like it. I’ll also be joined by a police officer who will be able to provide advice on keeping property safe and secure.

I will be arranging similar visits to other roads after Christmas, and I would urge all residents at this time of year to ensure gifts and presents are not obvious targets for potential thieves. Indeed, providing the presents in question are being kept in your house – and are not being given to others – you can mark them with SmartWater, too.”

Any residents in West Street who will not be present on Wednesday evening can contact Cllr. Simon William on 07796 580010 or simonharrowonthehill@hotmail.com

[warning]SmartWater must not be used on anything you’re giving to others, as that negates the point of the marking fluid being specific to your property.[/warning]


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