May 04 2012

RAF Northolt Commences Typhoon Jet Test Flights

Neighbours of RAF Northolt – that includes large swathes of Harrow, Northolt, Ealing, Uxbridge, Hillingdon, etc – are set for a noisy few days, as Typhoon Eurofighter jets begin a series of test flights from the airfield. The jets, which have been brought in to strengthen the capital’s response to terror during the Olympics, have a top speed of Mach 2 – 1,320mph (which means they could, in theory, fly from London to Glasgow in about 15 minutes) began their training exercise on Wednesday May 2, 2012, and should continue until around Thursday May 10, 2012.

In addition, Sea King helicopters (most commonly used as RAF Search and Rescue) will also be based at the airfield for the duration of the games, and they, too, are expected to commence a number of test flights as well.

Warning signage is being installed along the A40 to the south of the airfield to warn drivers of unexpected noise.


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