Jun 11 2017

Project Griffin: counter terrorism and crime awareness event – June 30, 2017

Harrow Police are holding a Project Griffin, counter terrorism and crime awareness event. It is being held at Harrow Civic Centre in Committee Rooms 1+2 between 09:00 ā€“ 10:45 hours on Friday 30th June.

What is Project Griffin?

Project Griffin is a national counter terrorism awareness presentation for businesses and communities. The aim of Project Griffin is to:

  • Help understand the threat from terrorism to the UK
  • Guide individuals on what to do if they find themselves involved in a terrorist incident or event that leads up to a planned attack
  • Enable people to recognise and report suspicious activity
  • Project Griffin helps to increase public and staff awareness of how best to reduce and respond to the most likely types of terrorist activities.

The event is free and lasts around 1 hour 30 minutes. The modules covered are:

  • Current threat
  • Firearms and Weapons attacks
  • Hostile reconnaissance
  • Methods of attack
  • Response to suspicious items
  • Domestic extremism

You may have seen a Project Griffin before, however Griffin is a constantly changing initiative. It is regularly updated and revised to reflect current global circumstances, so it is worth seeing again.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to: kirstie.newham@met.police.uk. Alternatively, if you know of someone who might be interested in attending please forward this email to them.


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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Please do make the effort to turn up and inform as many as you can.It’s about helping ourselves to cope with terrorist threats and also about gathering intelligence to help the Met Police(via our local cops and Anti-terror hotline) to disrupt further attacks and keep all our communities safe.IT IS YOUR DUTY TO DO SO.

    Also,it’s about making sure our citizens do not subscribe to ISLAMOPHOBIA or HATE CRIME of any sort.Our borough is very proud to be so rich in its diversity and is the most religiously diverse not just in the UK but in Europe too.We pride ourselves in being very harmonious and work hard throughout the year to nurture good relations with one another,respecting our differences but building on our commonalities.

    Our Borough Commander,Simon Ovens,is so proud that,bucking the London-wide trend,Hate Crime n Harrow has gone DOWN during this very emotional time of terror attacks.This has not happened by chance but sheer hard work by partners with the MPS such as Harrow Interfaith(HIF) representing all our major and smaller Faiths as well as those of no Faith.Also Harrow Council and many other partners.

    You may be aware,during this holy month of Ramadan,a variety of mosques in Harrow representing so many different sections of the Islamic Faith invite the Met Police,Harrow Council,Harrow Interfaith,community leaders and many others to partake in IFTAR –blessed food after offering prayers.They are open, inclusive and very welcoming.In turn,other Faiths invite these groups to their celebrations and festivals too.This is what should be happening in all our boroughs and all over the country.We look for opportunities to improve on whatever we do and one wonderful change is the input from YOUNG Harrovians.

    They really know how to move things on swiftly and very efficiently.It would be great if some of our young citizens could attend,even so early in the morning.

    Please RSVP Kirstie Newham and register.Your contact details are invaluable in helping Harrow Police to call you for any important updates and public meetings.Hope to see very many of you there,even if you have been before,as news is changing all the time.It is your input and engagement which makes Harrow tower above others for Hate Crime and in addressing many policing issues.

    Looking forward to an excellent turn-out.See you 30 June.

    Sonoo Malkani
    Vice Chair Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board(HSNB)
    Harrow Interfaith(HIF) Executive Committee Member
    TELL MAMA Board member(Faith Matters).

    1. red mirror

      sonoo never do anything out of a sense of duty it completely negates the individual and is the ultimate in collectivism.Also please try and not be so sheep like all is not as it appears most of the time ill say no more but do not worry too much research the hegelian dialectic ,

  2. Someonewhocares

    .Sonoo I know you mean well but being so very authoritarian in this context is really NOT appropriate, indeed it could even make it worse

    Ah…. “IT IS YOUR DUTY TO DO SO” Really, why, please indicate just where it states this..?

    Ovens can be as ‘proud’ as he likes but (1) It is NOT some kind of contest (2) Don’t you mean REPORTED (and RECORDED) incidents and (3) Those all-important ‘Bobbies On The Beat’ numbers have been reduced…

    Wait, now I see, WE have now just been made responsible by YOU to report all these things; Should we just send our reports directly to Ovens then?

  3. ricky123

    I am an Atheist so dont really understand what all the fuss is about praying to something that doesn’t exist. If they all stopped worrying about all different so called God’s then everyone will be the same and their would be no hate crime because they/we are all the same. Plus they can have more productive things to think about rather than times they have to pray etc etc etc etc. If all these so called interfaith groups just opened their eyes and realise religion is a man mad fantasy it would be a much better world to live in. And Ms Sonoo, my name is actually Bose so I am not sure what you mean about coming out into the open, anyway, I and many others believe that all these different faiths are the problem.

  4. Wealdstone Warrior

    Project Griffin is useful for workplaces, I might recommend this to my employer as any Tom, Dick or Harry can walk around unchallenged, into buildings and other areas where I work. Personally I feel very unsafe in my work environment. I may attend this event if I have time to do so. I do not feel it is my public duty to attend this session, as I report suspicious behaviour and bags left around anyway.

    Ironically one of the London bridge individuals was reported to the police terrorist hotline, as several people were concerned about his behaviour.

    Only now they are placing barriers along the bridges, that should have been done after the Westminster attack. Streets in London should be looked at and barriers placed along them. My Street is like the Grand Prix at times and there have been several car accidents where they have gone onto the pavement and do the council put up barriers, no they don’t!

    The police do a terrific job and understandably they cannot watch every weirdo as there is not the capacity to do so. But things have to change and the public have to be more aware and more assertive in reporting strange behaviour.

    Dear Members of the Public

    Please unplug yourself from your phones, tablets and other devices when you are out in public and have an awareness of the world around you and do check out your fellow passengers on trains & bus’s and in crowded places, it could save your life and other peoples by reacting quickly to a situation. If you have to run away, do so without reaching for your phone to film in real time and do as you are told by the police.



    1. Someonewhocares

      Well I suppose it had to happen (eventually) WW but I agree totally with all your comments and sentiments there! The amount of “public disconnect/disregard” displayed often amazes me (-
      those idiots with earphones on whilst jogging or cycling in particular…)

  5. Sonoo Malkani

    So sorry if I have unintentionally offended anyone as no offence was meant.You are right.It was my personal feeling that it was a duty on our part to attend but you are free to do what makes you comfortable.We live in a democracy.Also,it is my personal experience that Faith Groups deliver much help in several instances and feel sorry some folk feel that religion is divisive.This is only so when people abuse their religious beliefs and act in extreme ways which can be very harmful.Please feel free to follow your own heart.This is not about any individual.It is being held for the general good.
    Once more,apologise profusely if I sound dictatorial to anyone and hope you might like to join us on the day.

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