Nov 03 2015

Proscenium Presents Master Class – November 4-7, 2015

proscenium_masterclassProscenium presents Master Class, a theatrical piece that should appeal to music-lovers and students of history alike. In David Pownall’s engrossing and, at times, uproarious play, composers Shostakovich and Prokofiev find themselves confronted by the dictator Stalin to be told that their music is corrupt and that they must “sacrifice their individuality to the needs of the state”.

Set during the Conference of Musicians organised by the Communist Party in Moscow in January 1948, Master Class shows how music has the power to change lives, influence political thought and shape history.

Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue, Ickenham, UB10 8PD

Weds 4 to Sat 7 November


Tickets £12

Box office: 01895 673200

Or book via the Compass website

We look forward to seeing you.


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