Jul 12 2012

Roxeth Show 2012 – Two days to go!

With all the rain we’ve had recently, we checked with the Harrow and Pinner Lions as to whether the Roxeth Show was still going ahead. The answer is a definite yes at the moment.

The lower part of Roxeth Recreation Ground, which you can see on this Google Map, has extensive underground drainage (which you can see as a herringbone-type pattern), so that even if it does rain heavily, the ground shouldn’t be waterlogged.

The Lions are working closely with Harrow Council and the Funfair operators to make sure it’s all safe. When we checked, we were told:

We have been making regular trips to the Showground to check out the grounds and assess the situation, the most recent being this morning just before lunchtime, when a representative from the funfair also joined us and we see no reason to be concerned that we would need to cancel. The ground is soft in places and when the pitch marking begins tomorrow we will be adjusting the Site Plan in conjunction with this plus we will be rigorously enforcing the “no driving on the grass” policy and we have obtained more fence posts and ropes to cordon off areas of concern.  The indications are that we have seen the worst of the wet weather for this week and although there is a 70% chance of rain on Friday & 40% on Saturday, the forecasts predict that these are likely to be short light showers.

So in essence, the Roxeth Show will go ahead this year and with now over 80 stalls booked, the free entertainment, features and games we are providing and the interest that has been generated with their banners, website, Twitter and Facebook, they are confident that it is going to be the best ever!

There is a contingency plan in place so if things do take a turn for the worst, there will be announcements both here, and on the Show’s website, and all the stallholders will be contacted as soon as any decision to cancel is made.


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