Jun 05 2015

Roxeth Show 2015 – Cancelled

roxeth_showFollowing years of declining attendance, and, we understand, the show turning into a loss-making event, we hear today that the Roxeth Show, operated by the Harrow and Pinner Lions since 1999, is no more.

First held in 1979, to celebrate 50 years of the South Harrow and Roxeth Residents Association, the show has been sponsored by the Harrow Times since 2010. However, it was clear with increasing pitch rental fees that it was only a matter of time before the charity and community stalls would be priced out of the show: that, coupled with the reduced number of visitors, and the show’s spiraling decline started several years ago, despite the best efforts of the Harrow and Pinner Lions to keep it afloat.

20150605_roxeth_show_cancelledThe show’s website is still showing the event as taking place on July 11-12 this year. Requests for comment from the Lions haven’t yet been returned.


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  1. gary roberts

    It’s sad, but you could see it coming years ago. I think the Lions bit off more than they could chew. & didn’t want to admit it. We had a stall last year but never received any confirmation from them. In the end, we had to contact them to pick up the parking permits etc Because they never sent them out. We were supposed to have a stall this year. But were told 2 weeks ago (by a 3rd party) that it has been cancelled. While other people have said it is still gong ahead. The Lions may be a worthwhile charity. But their communications (or lack of it) leave a lot to be desired.

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