Jul 03 2012

Roxeth Show Parade – Road Closures

Things are moving apace with the arrangements for the Roxeth Show in South Harrow on 14-15 July 2012.

Due to the parade which takes place in the area, the Council has published a notice of it’s intent to implement temporary road closures to allow the parade to take place. The closures are minimal, and should have little impact of traffic in the area, although it’s worth being aware of them, so you can plan an alternate route rather than be delayed.

  • When: July 14, 2012 from 12.45pm until 1.30pm
  • Where: Kingsley Road at the east side of its junction with Eastcote Road, South Harrow; Northolt Road between the west side of its junction with Corbins Lane/Wyvenhoe Road and the east side of its junction with Eastcote Lane/Eastcote Road (all side roads and service roads in this section will be closed at their junction with Northolt Road); Wyvenhoe Road between its junctions with Kingsley Road and Northolt Road.
  • Diversion: No route planned as traffic will be stopped by ‘tolling road closures’ with Police Officers directing traffic as appropriate.

Remember, free park ‘n’ ride is available from Bovis House car park, further up the Northolt Road near Waitrose – makes a lot of sense to park there, and get the free minibus right into the heart of the the showground.


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