Apr 27 2012

Lions plea to Local Councillors for Roxeth Show Help

The Harrow and Pinner Lions have written to local councillors in Roxeth and Roxbourne asking them to get involved with the Roxeth Show, to help make this one bigger and better than ever.  As committee member Juliette Davies says, “In the past few years the support and assistance from Harrow Council has gradually declined to the point that the only Council Service represented at the Show for the past few years has been Harrow Libraries.”

The requests aren’t onerous – it’s simple things like the Council providing litter bins and emptying them through the weekend, or perhaps providing porta-loo type toilets, rather than making visitors using the “unsanitary antiquated toilets” in the pavilion.

If you could take a moment to contact your local councillor, it could make a real difference.

For Roxbourne:


For Roxeth:


If you’re in a different ward, you can find your councillor details here. If you can spare a few moments to contact your councillor, and ask them what they are doing to help, it would probably be appreciated by an awful lot of people.

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