Mar 02 2012

Ruislip Operatic Society presents Red Hot and Cole – March 21-24, 2012

With shows every evening at 7.30pm between 21st and 24th March, 2012, with a matinee on Saturday 24th at 2.30pm, the Ruislip Operatic Society presents Red Hot and Cole.

ROS is a society full of lively, enthusiastic and talented people – but there’s always room for more…

As well as encouraging folk who want to sing, dance and act, we welcome those looking for a place to practise their set-designing, costume-making and tea-brewing skills.

Drop us a line, give us a call or come and see a show; a whole other world beckons.

The Ruislip Musical Society came about as a result of a public meeting held on 17th December 1923. For many months the Society concentrated its efforts on rehearsals, building up a repertoire and adding willing volunteers to the list of members. The first public performance by the Society was a concert version of Merrie England given in April 1925. The handbills advertising the event politely stated that the Society “had spared no pains to do justice to the Opera and hopes it will be the first of many successes.” It was.

The Society decided to change its name to Ruislip Operatic Society in 1935.

In 1939, despite the outbreak of World War II, ROS made the decision to carry on – as far as possible – presenting at least one production each year. The Society is proud that it has maintained an unbroken run since 1925. During the early war years the fear of imminent invasion led to the introduction of some imaginative schemes designed to confound an invading army. The Society played its part in the war effort by allowing the deletion of part of the word Ruislip from the front page of the programme for each show. Confusing enough for the locals, let alone an enemy force.

Tickets available online here, or you can visit their website, here.


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