Oct 25 2012

Safety at Harrow’s Fireworks in 2012

With Bonfire Night just around the corner, and a number of fireworks events coming up in Harrow, it’s probably worth a few timely reminders on the dos and don’ts of fireworks safety:


  • Do stand away from both the fire and the fireworks
  • Do light only one sparkler at a time and do so at arms length
  • Do only use sparklers if supervised by an adult
  • Do keep you cat and dog inside during bonfire night
  • Do make sure an adult checks the bonfire for hidings pets of wild animals before lighting it
  • Do keep a bucket or water ready for emergencies


  • Don’t go near a firework after it has been lit
  • Don’t go near a firework after it has gone off
  • Don’t use sparklers unless you’re wearing gloves
  • Don’t give sparklers to children under the age of five
  • Don’t have a bonfire close to trees or buildings
  • Don’t light fireworks after 11.00pm at night.

For more advice on firework safety, visit our friends over at www.bonfire-night-safety.co.uk/.

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