Oct 19 2013

Sing Sing Mandarin – Mandarin Chinese Playgroup

singsinmandarinSing Sing Mandarin is a Mandarin playgroup in Harrow, North-west London. We offer babies, toddlers and children a delightful opportunity to learn Mandarin through sing and play in a highly stimulating, authentic and interactive environment while they are continuously developing their general cognitive, linguistic, aesthetic, musical, motor, and social skills


  • Theme
  • Interactive Play
  • Story-time
  • Songs & Nursery Rhymes and Chants
  • Arts & Crafts

Sing Sing Mandarin recognises the importance of the social interaction plays in the development of cognition. Vygotsky (1978), according to his theory of cognitive development, states: “Every function in the child’s cultural development appears twice: first, on the social level, and later, on the individual level; first, between people and then inside the child. This applies equally to voluntary attention, to logical memory, and to the formation of concepts. All the higher functions originate as actual relationships between individuals.” (p57). In Thought and Language (1962), Vygotsky applied his general theory of cognitive development in the context of language learning in children.

Therefore, at Sing Sing Mandarin, we build up our social interactive learning model through offering a broad range of structured and organised activities – music and movement, action songs and chants, speech and drama, stories and puppet show, art and craft. All of these activities aimed at developing their Mandarin, whether it is their native, second, or other language, through actively participating in the opportunities provided. We hope to provide a lasting impact on the foundation of Mandarin.

As well as engaging our children to different activities organised, we also encourage socialisation among our families. This, again, helps consolidate the language learning model we set up. By establishing and developing a strong connection among families, we see parents as our partners in the journey of the development of our children’s Mandarin. Any volunteer parent is, therefore, very welcomed.

The group is organised by a very passionate UK qualified teacher, who is also a mother of a 2-and-a half-year-old toddler, with many years of extensive experience both in state and independent schools. She originally comes from Hong Kong, where she has gained her HK qualified teacher status and practised her early teaching career.

We look forward to welcoming you at Sing Sing Mandarin!

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