Dec 19 2011

SNU Church Tarot Workshop – February 18, 2012

The Spiritualists National Union at the Light on the Hill are holding an Advanced Intuitive Tarot Workshop on Saturday February 18, 2012.

With space available for up to 20 maximum, you can learn how to be intuitive by reading from the Tarot cards. This workshop is for those interested in continuing their intuitive abilities working with Tarot as a practical guide. Within Tarot are Symbols & Archetypal images which are keys to our inner wisdom. By accessing this wisdom we deepen our awareness of our Spiritual journey here on the physical plane. This day will provide an opportunity to intuitively understand the cards & we can explore how we use our deck in a practical yet spiritual way.

This event is designed for those who have an interest in Spiritualism & the progress of the Soul. Please bring your own Tarot cards, preferably the Rider Waite deck or similar.

Avril Price has been working with the cards for over 25 years. She is a tutor and Psychic Medium at the College of Psychic Studies. Avril also leads workshops and gives demonstrations in London and abroad.

Avril has been in the media many times and is an experienced consultant. Her background is in Social Science which she integrates in to her work.

Tarot training will start at 10am & finish at 4.30 pm. This includes an hour for lunch, & a short tea break.

The cost is £20 for members & £25 non members. Advance bookings only on 07528 348 432 or lightonthehill@live.co.uk.

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