Apr 24 2014

Space for Cycling – April 26, 2014

cyclingA short bike ride around Harrow, with a chance to meet local politicians and show your support for better cycling conditions in Harrow.

  • Date: Saturday 26 April 2014
  • Time: 10am
  • Venue: Harrow Civic Centre, main entrance

Harrow Cyclists is a local borough group of the London Cycling Campaign, a membership organisation that campaigns for better conditions for cycling in London.

The Space for Cycling campaign (www.space4cycling.org) is asking the London boroughs to commit to measures that will make cycling pleasant and accessible for all, as it is in the Netherlands.

On Saturday 26 April 2014, 10am we are holding a publicity photoshoot which will be covered by the Harrow Observer and Harrow Times. Local MPs and councillors will be attending.

The ride will start at about 10.20am, and will consist of a short loop around Harrow, about 5 miles. It will be at an easy pace along quiet roads and cycle paths.

Children will need to be supervised by an adult, however as there are some sections on the road it will not be suitable for very young children. Even if you are not able to stay for the ride, please come along for the photoshoot and show your support for Space for Cycling.

For more information visit www.harrowcyclists.org.uk.

Email: bikecampaign@harrowcyclists.org.uk

Twitter: @HarrowCyclists

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  1. sonoo malkani

    This one is open for everybody so please go for it and be happy we are encouraging cycling in our borough.Should be an interesting and varied gathering Saturady morning.Hope we see some good photos of the event.

  2. flamencolime

    great to get the MPs committed to this. Harrow would be a great place to cycle safely around, especially as parking can be quite a pain, so we really need better infrastructure.

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