Nov 03 2011

St Mark’s Hospital: Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s Disease Open Day

From 11am on Saturday 12 November, St. Mark’s Hospital in Harrow will open its doors to people whose lives are affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The country’s leading centre for the treatment of bowel disease welcomes patients, carers, family members and anyone interested in learning more about these challenging conditions.

In the UK, one in 250 people suffer from Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease, the two most common forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It is a rate of diagnosis, which has grown steadily and continues to do so. In its position as a national referral central and an international centre of excellence, St. Mark’s Hospital treats many patients with the most severe cases of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. As a result, the medical, surgical and nursing staff at the hospital have an unrivalled level of experience and expertise when it comes to the management of these conditions.

The Open Information Day will include a series of talks by hospital consultants and specialist nursing staff including the subjects of recent advances in the medical and surgical management of the disease and how the restructuring of the NHS will affect sufferers of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

There will be stalls from a range of hospital departments, charities and support groups which guests will be able to visit during the lunch which is kindly provided by G4S Facilities Management. The day, which was set up in conjunction with the St. Mark’s IBD Patient Panel, is also designed to encourage discussion amongst the visitors regarding the services provided by the hospital and where improvements can be made.

Consultant Gastroenterologist, Simon Gabe said ‘this open day offers a unique opportunity for patients to see the wide range of services offered at the hospital, as well as meeting the staff on a more informal basis. Also, it allows patients to help us to develop the service according to their needs, so all suggestions made will be welcomed.

St. Mark’s Hospital is based at Northwick Park Hospital and is part of the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust.

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