Dec 30 2015

Superheroes & Jack – Drama, Dance and Singing in Harrow

20151230_performPerform is a unique type of children’s drama school.

Focusing on child development, Perform uses a specially formulated mix of drama, dance and singing to bring out every child’s true potential. Small class sizes ensure lots of individual attention by the experienced actor-teachers who focus on developing the 4 Cs: Confidence, Communication, Coordination and Concentration and having the best fun of the week.

From January, Perform 4-7s will unearth their hidden superhero powers as they go on a top secret mission in Superheroes. They’ll rock with Rocketgirl and sing along with brainy Branio in a supercharged adventure to save the world. The 7-12 children are heading to the Hollywood Hills for Jack and the Wonder Beans, a fabulous adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk that is sure to bring out your child’s star qualities.

Perform offers a no-obligation, FREE trial session. To book, contact: 020 7255 9120 or visit www.perform.org.uk

For more information please contact:

Email: enquiries@perform.org.uk

Website: www.perform.org.uk


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