Dec 12 2014

The 4 Elements Photo Exhibition – December 12-16, 2014

The Photographic Angle are hosting new exhibition in Harrow.

The info as follows :

  • Exhibition              The 4 Elements
  • Location                 Kings House & Queens House, Kymberley Road,  Harrow, Greater London, HA1 1US
  • Dates                      12th – 16th Dec 2014
  • Open                      10am – 3pm Daily
  • Cost                        Free Public Admission

This theme offers fresh insights into one or more of the four elements, earth, air, fire and water.  The Elizabethans believed that all ‘matter’ was composed of just these 4 elements. Whilst understanding has progressed since then with the discovery of the periodic table, they were long-held beliefs, going back to ancient civilisations.

20141212_photgraphic_angleFast forward a few thousand years and this exhibition offers the opportunity to explore, visually, the multi-faceted nature and power of the 4 elements.  The universality of this theme reflects the worldwide distribution of our photographers and the range of locations which have provided inspiration for these striking images.

THE 4 ELEMENTS is a touring photographic exhibition created and supported by The Photographic Angle.

For more information see www.thephotographicangle.co.uk/exhibitions

Please check website prior to attendance for latest information as dates may be subject to change. Disabled visitors are advised to check with us, before visiting an exhibition, that suitable access can be provided.

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