Jun 14 2015

“The Met – Policing London” – Public Viewing with Harrow Police – June 16, 2015

police_bmw_150x150BBC Documentary – The Met – Policing London


TUESDAY 16th JUNE 2015

“The Met – Policing London” – a new five part BBC One primetime documentary. It is the most comprehensive access to the Met that any broadcaster has ever been granted. There has never been a documentary about a police force on this scale.

Harrow police will be holding viewings of the series each week, after that episode has been broadcast on the television. The second episode will be shown on TUESDAY 16th JUNE 2015 at 7pm at the ZOROASTRIAN CENTRE, RAYNERS LANE HA2 9TL and we would like to invite you to attend.

This is what the commissioner has said about the program ‘Ultimately it does not matter what my view is of the program or what the rest of the Met think it has achieved. What really matters is that the public get a credible snapshot of what policing this great city is all about and can trust what they are seeing. If it adds a different sort of richness to the debate and has opened a window on the Met that has been closed until now then it has been more than worth the risk.’

Due to the original program being shown after the watershed you must be over 16 years of age to attend.


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  1. sonoo malkani

    Attended the very first screening which was held on Friday 12 June at the Zoroastrian Centre.It was encouraging to have people from different Wards attend and take part in the Q&A session which followed the hour long documentary.The discussion was fairly lively,since the topic itself was emotive.It was about the shooting of Mark Duggan which sparked off the infamous London Riots,emanating from Tottenham.A big learning curve for the Metropolitan Police.!

    I must remind you that Harrow was only one of the ten boroughs which escaped the brunt of those riots.The MPA came to Harrow to find out how we had achieved that!Remember it very vividly.This was PRIOR to the incumbent Commissioner of the METROPOLITAN POLICE,Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe,taking charge of London’s policing.

    The Q&A session went on for an hour,since the audience had many viewpoints to convey.PS Stewart Hyde answered questions and did his best to keep some animated participants in order.Our local cops—PCSO John Duggan and his colleague,Lisa Saunders of the RAYNERS LANE Safer Neighbourhood team were also present.

    Some valuable points were made.Feed-back was collected.This will help inform the MET for future policing of London.

    Harrovians are fortunate to have their police arrange FOUR more similar gatherings.The second one is tonight as stated from 7pm.We look forward to your support.Please share this information with as many local folk as you can ,including any groups you may belong to.You may share it on social media.This is being held in Rayners Lane for the people of Harrow.NOT for the under 16’s!!

    Harrow is the SAFEST London Borough.We have worked tirelessly to get it from SEVENTH place two years back to number ONE.Please help us to work hand- in- hand with our police so that we maintain this position and are able to educate our people about the inner workings of the Met Police Service.

    The Commissioner of Police has taken the risk of allowing the BBC to access places hitherto not reached by others.It is unique in policing history,world-wide.He is keen for the MET to be seen to be transparent.He is very hopeful we will come forward with honest views about these episodes and that trust will be built between the MET and members of communities which lack confidence in them.It is a bold and brave step.

    I am sure you will come along to do your bit for your community and help make our policing even more effective and fair in its delivery of service to you all.Be a great Harrovian and an even greater LONDONER.

    Looking forward to seeing many of you tonight.Please see for yourself how much goes into the planning of policing the Notting Hill Carnival and other policing matters.

  2. sonoo malkani

    Just realised,this meeting at the Zoroastrian Centre is on TUESDAY night 16 June,not tonight!The BBC documentary will be shown tonight.Soory for the error.

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