Jun 27 2011

The Tithe Farm Players – review

The Tithe Farm Players had their production of ‘Who Killed the Caretaker’ on Friday and Saturday evening last week. We ran an article on that earlier this month, and its worth writing a few words as a review of the evening. The play, itself, is available for other Am Dram Socs to buy from murderplays.com.

With attendances of 100 people on the Friday, and around 90 on the Saturday, it’s fair to say it was a pretty packed evening – not to mention extremely warm in the hall as well!

Arranged into tables of between 6-8, we met the manager of the old Bowmans shop from Northolt Road (which, incidentally, closed in September 2002), and with much-debate, set about deciding who the murderer was, and who the accomplice could have been. The cast actually used their scripts during this production, which, surprisingly, didn’t detract from the show one bit. From talking to Graham, the director, afterwards, it was because some of the clues were so subtle, they simply had to be accurate – no ad-libs at all!

For £10 a person, you got probably three hours of entertainment, and a fish ‘n’ chip supper, along with a piece of cake for dessert. Drinks were available, at members club prices, from the bar next door.

It was, as usual, a splendid night’s entertainment. We didn’t get the right person as the murderer, although we did win the trivia quiz (comfortably, by half a point), so all in all, a good evening all round.

Watch iharrow.com for news of the next production – as soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know.

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