May 05 2017

Thrive Harrow Launch – May 11, 2017

Following the Council’s unanimous agreement to sign up to the Mental Health Challenge, we are now looking to launch “Thrive Harrow”, a year of focus on mental health both internally and in the community. To kick-start this year of activity, we will be signing the ‘Time to Change’ Employer Pledge at a public event. This event will take place in the Members Lounge at Harrow Council Civic Centre, on Thursday 11th May, from 11am-1:30pm.

At the event, we will hear from the Mayor and Leader, learn more about exciting local and national mental health projects, enjoy singing from the choir at The Bridge, and share a mental health and wellbeing cake!

Time to Change is a growing social movement run by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness which supports people to open up to mental health problems, and signing this pledge will help us to achieve our objectives of raising awareness around mental wellbeing and tackling the stigma and discrimination associated with mental ill-health – both within the Council workforce and local community.

  • When: Thursday, May 11, 2017 11.00am – 1.30pm
  • Where: Civic Centre Members Lounge

We would like to invite Community Champions to attend, please feel free to invite any friends or neighbours you think may be interested.

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  1. Harrow Dude

    Pledging to take action to reduce mental health discrimination while slashing the funding to the voluntary services helping those with mental health issues.

    1. Wealdstone Warrior

      Although there will be a cash injection from the government of 2 billion over the next 2 years to be spent specifically on social care services for local councils. Something Polly Parrot has failed to acknowledge when he bangs on about cuts.

      1. Harrow Dude

        Fair point but where is £2billion coming from and what are the accumulated cost of cutting funding now. The voluntary sector saves costs by the services that they are providing but this administration are not future proof, making cuts today are futile if they are going to cost substantially more in the future…Unless they don’t plan to be around in the future so it won’t be their problem. Are you aware of the plans for Public Health services in Harrow? The proposal is like searching for a gas leak with a candle eventually you get a “big badda boom”
        For Harrow to thrive it is a time for change and that has to start with the people running the administration.

    2. Someonewhocares

      Tricky one that WW as it was to be funded by NIC increases on the Self-Employed etc but then realised that was counter to their previous ‘election promises’; Whoops! However:-


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