Feb 08 2014

UKIP Public Meeting – February 20, 2014

ukip_badgeThere will be a Public Meeting, on Thursday 20th February from 7.30pm until 9.30pm, hosted by Harrow and Hillingdon UKIP.

Come along and meet our featured Speakers, London MEP, Gerard Batten MEP and Harrow Councillor Stanley Sheinwald.

Chaired by Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow.

Topics will include the UK and Europe, local and national issues in the run up to the European and Council elections.

This will be an enjoyable and friendly evening, with public questions and answers.

All welcome, entrance is free.

The Venue:-
1st Hatch End Scout Group,
Leeway Close
Hatch End HA5 4JB
Just off Grimsdyke Road.


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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    The following have announced they will be standing as independents in Wealdstone ward:Husain Akhtar,Dr Pravin Shah,Adnan Akhtar and Navnitlal Patel. Will Hussain Aktar be campaigning in his speedos given his interest in swimwear? Will other prospective councillors be campaigning in their swimwear?

    What attire do UKIP plan to wear when campaigning? Looks like it will be a lively election!

  2. mp2225

    Concerned Harrovian, please, I was eating lunch when I read this and I have been ill ever since! The thought of Akhtar in speedos has made me feel quite queezy. I am just waiting to see how he intends to flounce out of his own Independent Party and indeed who he will blame when he does. Perhaps it will be his son or even his old friend who runs the HCJ – one things for certain he wont be able to blame a woman this time as I doubt there will be any in his new party. The likes of Hall, Silver and Khalid are not likely to be welcome in his world.

  3. j p hobbs

    Well Ukip channel fives bent corupt hand picked worse than the BBC audience must have gained you massive support last night , you couldnt ever wish for more for nothing . read the lashback on the net .

    1. j p hobbs

      Sorry corrupt , before a certain person corrects me .

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