Mar 04 2014

Voluntary Action Harrow: Trustee Training Re-Launched – March 11, 2014

voluntary_action_harrowIn January it was reported a crooked Treasurer stole £50k from the Holy Innocents Church in Kingsbury. Voluntary Action Harrow are questioning why the Treasurer was able to commit this crime.

Anila Ramanlal, capacity development manager, said “It is good practice to encourage new board members to the board. This not only refreshes the board and the organisation, it brings new ideas and perspectives, but also existing board members are likely to be more vigilant with new members. A trustee board that is closed and over familiar with one another can breed complacency as well as discourage new members to join.  It can also make it difficult for the questions that should be asked to be asked, and challenge practice. Trustees are the people who serve on the governing body of a charity. Trustees play a vital role for any charity, providing the organisation with strategy, direction and to ensure they’re run according to rules and regulations. Having a strong trustee board can make all the difference for an organisation – especially for those facing challenging times.”

Voluntary Action Harrow is a worker’s co-operative which support people and not-for-profit organisations to make a difference in their local community. They are committed to up-skilling trustees and have re-launched their trustee training session on roles and responsibilities.

Details: Tuesday, March 11, at 7pm to 9pm

Cost: £25

To book: contact@voluntaryactionharrow.org.uk or book directly on http://goo.gl/xSqAeR or call 020 8861 5894

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