Jul 10 2013

16% of Harrow’s Residents Classified as ‘higher risk’ drinkers

alcohol-150x150Alcohol Concern, an organisation that campaigns to raise awareness of alcohol abuse, has produced an ‘alcohol harm map’ to show the healthcare costs of alcohol misuse across London.

Harrow residents incurred an estimated £14.7 million in healthcare related costs in 2010/11 – below average for London but still equivalent to £79 per person per year. Over half of the total was spent on 3,600 inpatient  treatments, whilst 22,000 of the 50,000 admissions were in Harrow’s A&E departments.

Of Harrow’s residents, 16% are classified as higher risk drinkers, regularly consuming over 8 units a day for men and over 6 units a day for women – double the recommended daily amount. This compares with a London-wide average of 10%. Alcohol Concern noted that the cost of 55-74 year olds’ in-patient admissions was almost thirteen times the cost for 16-24 year olds, suggesting that the cost of alcohol abuse is not attributable solely to young people.

Gareth Thomas MP said: “With A&E waiting times increasing and Conservative Ministers determined to close nearby A&Es putting extra pressure on Northwick Park, this report acts as a useful reminder that the government need to take serious action to address this problem.”

  • Alcohol-related admissions cost Harrow £14.7m in 2010/11, amounting to £79.17 per person per year.
  • £7.5m of the £14.7m was spent on inpatient admissions.
  • Of the 49,843 alcohol-related hospital admissions and attendances in Harrow 22,437 were in A&E.
  • 21,222 (16%) Harrow residents are classified as higher risk drinkers, compared with a London average of 10.14%.
  • 55-74 year olds incurred a cost of £825.6m in 2010/11, almost thirteen times incurred by 16-24 year olds (63.8m).

See alcoholconcern.org.uk/campaign/alcohol-harm-map for further details of the campaign.

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  1. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

    Gareth, perhaps you could explain to us what happened to that £305million brand new hospital that you promised us back in 2005? Wouldn’t that have helped alleviate or avoid this crisis you keep pointing to? And surely it would have also helped improve the health I Harrow residents more generally? So what happened to it, Gareth?

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