May 28 2013

Gareth Says: 116 Fewer Police Officers in Harrow

gareth_thomas_headshot1At the time of the last General Election Harrow had 519 police officers and community police officers working to tackle crime across the borough. But three years later this has fallen to just 403 – a loss of 116 officers or a 22% cut.

In March 2010 there were 403 police officers and 116 community police officers working in Harrow, but new figures released by the Metropolitan Police reveal that there are now just 336 and 67 respectively.

At his re-election last May Boris Johnson promised an extra 1,000 police officers, instead he has cut the number of police officers in London by over 1,300. The Mayor also confirmed earlier this year that 63 stations and front counters will be closing across London by 2016, this includes Pinner Police Station and the police counter at the Civic Centre.

Harrow West Gareth Thomas MP said: “It’s vitally important that Harrow police have the resources they need to tackle crime in the borough and keep our streets safe. In Harrow we’ve lost 116 officers, including many officers who had years of experience behind them. It’s time Boris rethought this reckless plan to reduce the police presence across London.”

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  1. janepepper

    If Gareth ‘I once lived in Harrow but now I couldn’t find it on a map’ Thomas, had done any real research on Police in Harrow than he would know that we are getting more Police, where they are needed. We are fortunate to live in a safe Borough, extra Police will be deployed where they are needed and as necessary. It’s called efficiency, or working Smarter not Harder. I’d happily explain it to him but Mr Thomas deem us worthy of his time, so arrogant is he about his ‘safe seat’ in Harrow West. Or he could ask Hannah David, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for his seat in 2015. She’s in Harrow daily, engaging with local people, the electorate. People who are not going to make the same mistake as voting for the same twit twice. Roll on 2015 and an MP who cares about Harrow West. If you care for your street, your schools, your health then vote for Hannah David, she can find Harrow on a map!

  2. Cllr Willie Stoodley

    Gareth Thomas kicked my wife off his facebook because I joined the Independent Labour Group, yet my wife has absolutely nothing to do with the split or our differences. Then, despite 3 emails and 6 phone calls and left messages, it took him 2 weeks to get around to contacting me. When I asked him why he’d kicked my wife off his facebook after making such a show of showing her and our 2 boys around the Houses of Parliament last year, which they loved, he didn’t even have the temerity to answer my question. Instead he said to me, “Is that all you’ve called about?”, “Don’t you think we have more important things to discuss?”, “I can’t talk to you now – you’re the opposition” and a whole host of other comments; anything but answer my question.

    If I ever wanted confirmation that I did the right thing by leaving the Labour Group, Gareth, you’re stonewalling and your refusal to answer such a simple question about a family member whom you befriended then unceremoniously kicked off your facebook for no reason whatsoever has proved to me that I made the right move; and if Thaya does run against you I hope he either wipes the floor with you or splits your vote and lets Hannah David in. Kicking my wife off your facebook is your right and I could have understood that; I could also have understood you telling me that you refuse to tell me why; but you just changed the subject, dodged, skirted around and basically behaved like a typical politician – avoiding answering the question. Well that makes you an absolute idiot because anyone will tell you that if you’re involved in a fracas with someone you don’t drag their wife and kids into it. It just shows how out of touch you are with the electorate, presumably because you’re so busy trying to nuzzle your way into the next Labour Government Cabinet. After all, you are the one who put the kybosh on allowing the good citizens of Harrow a referendum on whether or not the Council Tax should have gone up.

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