Feb 13 2013

Gareth Says: Government Must Re-Open Alexandra Avenue Polyclinic

gareth_thomas_headshotGareth Thomas highlights pressure on London’s A&Es during Parliamentary debate Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West, used a debate in the House of Commons to call on the new GP-led Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group to consider the reopening of Alexandra Avenue Polyclinic to help reduce the pressure on Northwick Park Hospital.

Speaking in a debate about Accident and Emergency (A&E) services, Gareth noted the growing number of patients at Northwick Park A&E who are having to wait more than 4 hours for treatment – 10,207 in 2011/12; as the number of people attending Northwick Park A&E increased by 20%, up to 206,885 in 2011/12.

However if the Government pushes ahead with plans to close Central Middlesex and Ealing A&E services the pressure on Northwick Park will grow even further.

Alexandra Avenue was a walk-in polyclinic open 8am to 8pm 365 days a year where a doctor or nurse saw patients usually within 15 mintues. The service was reduced to just a weekend 9am to 3pm service last year and doctors have reported a rise in A&E use as a result. A similar clinic exists in Pinner.

Local MP Gareth Thomas said: “I hope local doctors will recognise that one of the ways to reduce pressure on Northwick Park is to re-open what was a popular and well used 8am to 8pm walk-in all year round service. With the government determined to close A&E Departments across London,many of which are in North London, the pressure on Northwick Park is only going to grow. Sensible measures to increase community services are urgently needed to reduce that pressure.”

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  1. MouthAlmighty

    Juat imagine how much harder it is going to get for all of us to access Healthcare in this Borough once all the proposed new housing goes up in the Harrow area. We need more walk in centres, and more GP surgeris to take the pressure off A&E. Any real emergencies in Northwick Park are delayed becasue people who should be seen in another facility are clogging up with system in A&E. Its a government issue but one that we can all campaign on if only we could be bothered.

  2. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    When will we be treated to yet another picture of Our Gareth (wearing his one tie, standing holding a sign out side the Polyclinic? I didn’t dub him the Minister (Now Shadow) for Standing Outside Buildings for nothing. He’s even doing it on the Labour by-election leaflet in West Harrow. So I have a pic on my leaflet of me standing with a sign outside his office.

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