Feb 07 2013

Gareth Says: Huge Cuts to Police Numbers in Harrow

gareth_thomas_headshot1Gareth Thomas MP this week highlighted in the House of Commons the huge cuts in the number of Police Officers and Community Police Officers (PCSOs) in every part of London since the General Election, the drop in the number of crimes solved and the reduction of frontline uniformed police staff that will have occurred in every borough by 2015.

In Harrow the number of Police Officers and PCSOs has reduced by 100- a drop of nearly 20% – between March 2010 and April 2012. The Mayor’s own figures predict the number of Police Officers alone in Harrow will have reduced by 17 officers by 2015.The Mayor has not published borough figures for the expected number of PCSOs by 2015 but given that there is expected to be a further 1,100 cut across London by 2015 there is sure to be fewer officers on Harrow’s streets.

The number of crimes solved in London has dropped by 22,500 and the percentage of crimes solved has dropped to 21%.Furthermore the Crown Prosecution Service in London has 18% fewer barristers and solicitors to lead crime prosecutions.

Gareth Thomas MP also highlighted the end of funding to tackle gang violence; the huge cut in funding used to pay for preventing alcohol and drug misuse; and to divert young people away from youth violence.

Harrow West Gareth Thomas MP said: “The scale of cuts that David Cameron and Boris Johnson have already made to the Metropolitan Police is shocking, but the fact there will be fewer frontline uniformed police officers on London’s streets by the next General Election only underlines their broken promises to protect the ‘thin blue line’ in our communities. The Mayor’s plan will reduce local police teams to just one guaranteed PC and PCSO in each community. This is a reckless plan which needs to be rethought urgently.”

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