Sep 24 2013

Gareth Says: I Oppose Plans to Shut North Harrow Post Office

gareth_thomas_headshotI have been informed that the Post Office on Pinner Road is potentially facing closure as the Post Office go ahead with their modernisation plans for local branches.

I have written to the Post Office opposing any plans that would lead to fewer local Post Office branches in Harrow. From my understanding, the Post Office is looking to create a larger modern Post Office in Harrow Town Centre at the expense of small local branches. I understand the importance of supporting our small businesses in Harrow. At a time where small businesses are struggling to keep afloat, I believe we have to support them.

I will be keeping an eye on any developments regarding the Pinner Road Post Office and will keep you updated on any news.


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  1. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    Gateth Thomas – Shadow Minister For Standing Outside Buildings steps into the breech, ready for static action.

    Glad you’re “supporting local businesses” Gareth. Shame that under Labour usiness rates, business taxes, regulatory costs and of course Labour’s War on the Motorist, coupled with predatory Councils did more to wipe out High Sts than the combined efforts of the Luftwaffe and Rationing.

    If you add on Labour’s disastrous Licensing Laws, parking costs and penalties and deregulation of the Gambling-debt industry, town centres are vomit stained wastelands with much money sucked out of the local economy that normal business cannot survive. The grade of businesses opening or remaining is sinking to soukh level.

    So you’ll excuse if I don’t give you any plaudits, but in case you need it, I can make you a sign so that you stand with the usual rent a crowd of Labour inactivists, holding it, this time, in front of the Post Office which conveniently is not far from your office.

  2. j p hobbs

    Well isn’t that what politicians do close it down or sell it off that leaves them with less to do for their money . Simple as that .

  3. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Last time he voted with the party whip and the post office at the end of Headstone Gardens was closed as a result!

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