Feb 19 2013

Gareth Says: Support Campaign to Eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls

gareth_thomas_headshotHarrow West MP, Gareth Thomas, today welcomed the opportunity to be part of the ‘One Billion Rising’ Campaign which seeks to end violence against women and girls.

As thousands of campaigners across Britain come together at 150 different events, Members of Parliament are today debating a motion calling on the Government to make relationship education a requirement in schools. Activists in the UK will be joining a worldwide movement in almost 200 other countries to call for renewed efforts to end violence against women.

Speaking about the campaign Gareth Thomas MP said: “One in three women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime, 750,000 children witness acts of domestic abuse a year and a third of girls in relationships aged 13-17 have experienced physical or sexual violence in relationships. So I am proud to be backing One Billion Rising; supporting the call to make a zero tolerance approach to violence in relationships part of the school curriculum. Keeping our young people safe is important and teaching both boys and girls about positive relationships and respect in schools is key to this.’

Source: Gareth Thomas MP

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  1. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    I quite agree Gareth. It’s just such a shame that in the blind adherance to the utterly pernicious European Convention on Human Rights, that with the connivance of the legal profession and idiot judges, we cannot deport some of these scum, which places our women in even more danger, while we pick up the tab.

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