Nov 12 2012

Gareth Says: University applications from Harrow West students fall by 13%

Harrow students opt out of University and £9K tuition fees

Local Labour MP, Gareth Thomas, has obtained figures which reveal that many Harrow students have turned their backs on Higher Education and £9,000 tuition fees.

The figures show that there is a 13% reduction in university applications from Harrow West, and a 9.23% reduction across the whole of the Borough. The Tory-led Government’s policy of trebling tuition fees to £9,000 has evidently deterred many of Harrow’s students from applying to university. Gareth Thomas MP led Labour’s campaign against the trebling of fees in 2010, however, as recently as 11th September 2012, Liberal Democrat MPs again joined their Tory colleagues to keep £9,000 tuition fees.

Gareth Thomas MP who uncovered the statistics said: “These figures suggest that the ambitions and university aspirations of many young people from Harrow have taken a big hit as a result of the huge hike in tuition fees. David Cameron just doesn’t understand just how much £9,000 fees are making young people think twice about going into Higher Education.”

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