Jul 07 2013

Gareth Says: Urgent Review of A&E Services Needed

gareth_thomas_headshotAs the NHS celebrates its 65th birthday, Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West, joined other Labour MPs, Assembly Members, Councillors and NHS workers to hand-deliver a letter to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP at the Department of Health on Wednesday afternoon.

The letter, signed by MPs from across the capital, raises concern about the pressures that Accident and Emergency services are under in London and urges Mr Hunt to personally review the medical evidence behind each of the eight proposed A&E department closures or downgrades at London Hospitals.

The letter also highlights that the original medical evidence for the closures was prepared between 12 and 36 months ago, and notes a series of worrying statistics including:

  • the increased percentage of people waiting more than 4 hours in A&E.
  • the increased number of ambulances queuing outside hospitals.
  • the increased number of cancelled operations at London hospitals.

Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West, said: “Northwick Park Hospital is under enormous pressure, with people in Harrow suffering longer waiting times as a result, yet the Health Secretary seems intent on closing A&Es across London seriously adding to the problem. The Health Secretary needs to think again, we need a clear plan to tackle the pressures London hospitals are facing.”

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  1. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

    Gareth, whatever happened to that £305 million brand new hospital at Northwick Park to be built over the next five years that you promised us, in writing, back in 2005? Perhaps if it had been built, some of the present pressures on A&E at Northwick Park would presumably either not emerged or could have been alleviated. So, Gareth, what happened? Why wasn’t it built? And why didn’t your election literature in 2010 mention how you’d so spectacularly failed to deliver one of your main “achievements” that you were so loudly trumpeting in 2005?

  2. j p hobbs

    Well I need to know two weeks in advance when I am going to be ill because that’s how long I will have to wait to see my own Docter , I can see just any old Docter in one!!!! week . In the last year it has become very bad we have been swamped with immigrants many with several+ children , it is becoming chaotic , sorry it HAS become chaotic . One can see feel and hear the stress on staff and patients . What,s the betting the Harrow Fat Cats have private treatment with their massive salaries jph

  3. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    See my posting re Gazza the Shadow Minister For Standing Outside Buildings.

  4. j p hobbs

    So they tell us the Health service will loose 30 billion pounds and in the same breath they will get an 11% pay rise , welcome to the madhouse .

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