Apr 23 2013

Gareth Says: Why is the Government Ignoring Harrow’s Plea for Help?

gareth_thomas_headshot1Local MP Gareth Thomas raised the rebuilding of Harrow’s primary schools with the Minister for Schools David Laws in the House of Commons yesterday, challenging the Minister to explain why a letter from Harrow Council to the Department sent last July remained unanswered and asking the Minister to meet representatives from the schools to discuss plans.

Harrow Council have applied for funding to rebuild Marlborough and Vaughan schools to cope with an increased demand for primary school places in the borough.

Both schools were built in the 1960s as temporary schools. They have problems with asbestos and other serious defects. Given Harrow’s growing population of young families, both schools also need to expand to become three-form entry schools.

Harrow West Gareth Thomas MP said: “We’ve seen demand for primary school places in Harrow increase rapidly in recent years and both Vaughan and Marlborough are having difficulties due to the asbestos on their premises. Both schools need to be rebuilt and whilst there are some planning issues still to be resolved at one of the schools, I hope Ministers can be persuaded to look favourably on the rebuilding plans.”

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  1. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Here are a few points for our Shadow Minister For Standing Outside Buildings.

    Firstly Gareth, in the years that your ruinous party were bankrupting the borough and “New” Labour under the financial incontinence of the Great Gordo were doing the same to Britain, your party embarked on the thousands of crippling PFIs (Private Finance Initiatives) that while giving a legacy of hundreds of shiny new “Skoolz’n’ospitals”, meant that there was no money in the budget to run or staff many adequately or even open them. The taxpayers foot the bill forever, but its a “legacy” innit? Your party redefined throwing billions down the crapper as “investment”, while the Brownstain borrowed billions to cover up the mess.

    We are now paying for his “investment” payday loans while your lot bitch and bellyache about the “cuts” and Osborne and Co carry on expanding the size and remit of the State but with fewer PFIs.

    On the subject of new buildings….. Just what did become of the £300 million plus for that new hospital for Northwick Park that you swore blind was gong to be another Labour “legacy”. Probably just ad well considering Labour’s record on spending, errrr…. sorry, I meant “investment” (which implies a monetary return)?

    You and that congenital idiot shadow chancellor Ed “Talks” Balls, are STILL wedded to taxing, borrowing and spending money that WE DO NOT HAVE. The economics of Zimbabwe, but without the sunny weather.

    As for the schools, especially Vaughan, why the insistance on building it on a FLOOD PLAIN and if you are really interested, or gave a flying f*** for your residents, why don’t you seem to give a toss for he effects on THEIR PROPERTIES AND ENVIRONMENT?

    Until you can come up with something sensible, as opposed to bitching about the “cuts” that are a consequence of LABOUR’S Zimbabwean Economics, perhaps you should keep your head down as you’ve learned NOTHING after all of these years in politics. You cannot keep spending money that WE (as in the taxpayers), do not have.

    Now go and write out 1000 times in longhand “Maggie was right all along”.

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    Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow commented on iharrow.com:

    Here are a few points for our Shadow Minister For Standing Outside Buildings….

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