Sep 24 2013

Gareth Thomas: Is He FOR or AGAINST Post Office Closures

gareth_thomas_headshotBarely had we finished the article on Gareth Thomas MP “…opposing any plans that would lead to fewer local Post Office branches in Harrow….” than one of the iharrow.com researchers dug up a press articles from the Harrow Times which showed Mr Thomas had, in fact, previously voted to CLOSE Post Offices.

The story, from March 2008, reports that Mr Thomas had “…voted down a Conservative motion calling for the Government to suspend plans to close.”

It seems this wasn’t the first u-turn by young Gareth – who frankly had more hair to complement his boyish good looks back in 2008 –  and who seems to have taken a leaf out of our good friend Akhtar’s book when it comes to standing by the conviction of one’s decisions. At the time, Councillor Jeremy Zeid, for Kenton West ward, accused Mr Thomas of backtracking, claiming he had previously supported calls to save branches in the borough.

Mr Thomas also said it is unsustainable for Post Office Ltd to keep branches open if they have been losing large amounts of money each week. He said Harrow Council should take over branches in the borough.

Now, there wouldn’t be an election in the offing any time soon, would there? Are we to expect Gareth to announce he has ‘secured’ another pot of cash for a new hospital next?

Thanks to D. for the research tip.


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  1. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    And as an added piece of irony, when the closures were announced, I stood outside the Harrow on the Hill Post office, BUT…….. I wasn’t the one holding a sign.

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