Mar 28 2014

Guest Blog from @_MrMustard: Don’t Buy a Used Car in Harrow

guest_postDon’t buy a second-hand car in Harrow as the bailiff might remove it.

This is a guest blog by Mr Mustard. He has yet to be consulted about a PCN which has reached bailiffs which has not seen some sort of doubtful behaviour or excessive charges.

On 18 March 12 a PCN was issued. It was 2:30 in the morning and the driver foolishly stopped on double yellow lines, with no unloading marks on the kerb, to get some cash out a of a cashpoint by the looks of it; Mr Mustard doesn’t recommend such an action on parking or safety grounds. Mr Mustard also doesn’t recommend it because there is a cctv “safety” camera which monitors this service road but instead of being used for safety purposes it is used to ensnare motorists who really aren’t doing any harm by stopping for 2 minutes where they did. Most of the world is asleep.

On 7 June 12 the car was sold to a Mr H.

On 31 July 12 a Limited company was formed. Let us call it ZZZ Edgware Ltd.

On 10 September 12 the car was sold to ZZZ Edgware Ltd

On 10 September 12 the vehicle was rented out for a year to a Mr H who has the same surname but a different forename to the Mr H who was the owner in June 12. (The name of the owner on 18 March 12 is not yet known.)

On 6 January 2014 the vehicle was clamped and then removed by a Newlyn bailiff.

A complaint was made by ZZZ Edgware Ltd to Harrow Council and they were fobbed off. The council have said any complaint about the bailiff being rude and aggressive has to be dealt with by Newlyn. Oh dear they seem to have forgotten their duty of care. The council have rejected the proof of purchase, the rental agreement and RAC cover as being inadequate to show the change of ownership. They want to see documents and proofs which don’t necessarily exist, such as a bank transfer when second-hand cars are often paid for in cash and an advert for sale when the car was sold by putting a sign in it on the street. Anyone would think they would find proof inconvenient to their position.

On 18 March 14 Mr Mustard wrote to Harrow Council (with authority from ZZZ Edgware Ltd) to ask for a copy of the warrant which a bailiff is obliged to produce upon request before he removes your goods so ZZZ have an absolute right to see it.

On 25 March 14 Harrow Council wrote back saying they could not provide a copy because it does not have the name ZZZ Edgware Ltd on it. Thus the enforcement is illegal as the address on the warrant has to be the address of the debtor which is always taken as being the one on the V5 log book, councils and bailiffs spend thousands of pounds every year on enquiries of the DVLA to check who the registered keeper is as that is 99.9% of the time the actual owner of the vehicle.

This response also leaves ZZZ Edgware Ltd in a Catch 22 position.

On 28 March 14 Mr Mustard posted a complaint to Harrow Council. He is going to pursue the complaint all the way to the Ombudsman. Let’s see if Harrow Council think it a good idea to try and fob Mr Mustard off.

Mr Mustard can be found on Twitter @_mrmustard or on his own website at http://lbbspending.blogspot.co.uk/

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  1. j p hobbs

    Good luck Mr Mustard Harrow really does screw the motorist . time to screw Harrow

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