Apr 27 2017

Guest Post: A Realistic Railway Plan for Harrow

Here is a thought. With an election coming up. Rather than wait for the politicians to visit Harrow and Wealdstone station again boast about Crossrail coming to Harrow ((Navin Shah, Boris Johnson) to name two, how about a more realistic plan?

Now that it appears the plans to extend the new Crossrail/Elizabeth line to Harrow and Wealdstone have been shelved due to cost. May I be so bold as to make an alternative suggestion to enable the residents of Wealdstone to fully benefit from this new railway line.

Patrick McLoughlin (The previous Transport Minister) made an announcement in 2014 that they were commissioning a feasibility study, as to the opportunity this line could mean to the residents of the West Coast Mainline (inc Harrow and Wealdstone) if it were to be a link from Old Oak Common to Willesden Junction and carry on the route to Tring. The results of this study revealed that 40% of passengers currently travelling to Euston now, would use this line instead of travelling all the way into Euston, as only 10% of passengers actually need to travel into Euston as their final destination and the remaining 50% only use Euston to catch trains northwards onto Intercity destinations, such as Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham. Having Crossrail linking to the West Coast Mainline would also relieve congestion at Euston Station whilst HS2 is being built there.

With that in mind, would it not make sound economic sense to lobby Midland Main Line to schedule an additional, intermediate stop at Queens Park to their fast trains timetable from Harrow and Wealdstone to Euston, when Crossrail opens next year. This would enable passengers from Harrow (Watford, Wembley etc) to disembark at Queens Park. (They already have platforms at this station to accommodate these trains, so no extra infrastructure cost involved).

It would then become a fast route for local Harrow residents to connect to Paddington in approx 18 minutes, and Canary Wharf in a further 17 minutes or Heathrow 24 minutes.. Paddington, (Presently to become a Crossrail connection Station) is only 3 stops on the Bakerloo Line from Queens Park The alternative is, having to either catch an all stopping train, involving 13 stops on the tube to Paddington or change at Queens Park from the London Overground.

With just a 3 minute downtime for these fast trains to add this stop to their timetable. it would save an enormous amount of time and money in getting across London from A to B. And also be another benefit for the people of Harrow, without having to spend wasted time trundling along the Bakerloo line at 10 miles an hour stopping at all the intermediate stations along the way before changing at Queens Park anyway.

– T.


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  1. Wealdstone Warrior

    This indeed is a very sensible idea put forward by the guest poster. With all the developments planned to take place in Wealdstone and throughout the borough, the Council & Sadiq ‘over turner of council decisions’ Khan, in all their wisdom have failed to consider what affect the influx of more people will have on the current transport systems. Now the funding on the Met line to extend to Watford Junction has fallen through, an alternative needs to put in place and fast.

  2. Sunny

    Interesting read as I’m standing in a packed Met line train into London due to unexplained cancellations. Thanks TFL!

  3. Terry

    I made a typo on my email. Should have read ‘London Midland’ not Midland Main Line
    There is no way that London Midland can deliver their current service from Harrow/Euston during the many years of the HS2 construction, with reduced platforms, reduced track capacity and that is without factoring in the growth in passenger numbers during this phase.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Ah, Ok Terry/’T’ – so how do we all lobby them?

  4. Someonewhocares

    That is a very detailed, coherent and sensible plan/suggestion indeed; Excellent, thanks!
    What next is needed “T” for us to further it?

  5. Wealdstone Warrior

    Sunny, those met trains will be even more packed, once all those ridiculous tower blocks are built in Harrow Town centre and Sadiq ‘broken promise’ Khan will keep putting the train fares up.

  6. Terry

    Write to any or all of the following:- Bob Blackman or Gareth Thomas Local MP’s – Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) – TFL. – Chris Grayling (Transport Minister) – Navin Shah (London Assembly Member) – Sachin Shah (Leader of Harrow Council) – Regeneration Scheme Team. Harrow Times or anyone else with a vested interest in making Wealdstone a better place to live.

  7. Wealdstone Warrior

    It is going to get worse, if anyone attended the new Civic Centre proposal on Saturday 6th May at the Red Brick Café. They have changed the original plans and are now attempting to build another 15-17 storey tower block, to go along those ones that Sadiq Khan approved for Palmerston Road. Yes that’s right, they are proposing to build another tower block for private rent, social rent and shared ownership, possibly private buyers. Next to the new Civic Centre as part of the regeneration project. Why, apparently to pay for the build of the new Civic Centre site, to pay back the loan of millions, of which they cannot give a straight answer to, when questioned. So more homes, more people & more overcrowded trains! They cannot even give a straight answer as to how much it will cost Harrow tax payers for this scheme.

    They are hoping to submit the planning application for September this year.

  8. Terry

    And I thought the new civic centre was being funded by selling off the old one? Why am I not surprised. why don’t they just admit that they don’t want to regenerate the area, just turn it into a giant transit camp for central London!!

  9. Wealdstone Warrior

    Download the consultation board from event 2 from here https://www.thewealdstoneproject.com/download-consultation-material-1/ Page 7 outlines the models proposed for the residential tower block. Looks like they are trying to rush things through, gain planning permission and start building before next years local elections. These people do not have a clue!

    1. Someonewhocares

      Oh dear. just read through those documents WW: This is exactly what happens when big business/developers get their teeth into a Council of course, hence all the flowery stuff: “it should be a *confident* height’ and it should be a “living room for Wealdstone” etc… Clearly this is not the Councils’ view/vision at all, they have just all been “suckered into the dream”

      – And it doesn’t say it ‘seamlessly integrates into the transport network and also addresses everyone’s needs for the 21st. Century (blah blah)’ and other such nonsense but believe me it will no doubt at some point….As usual it’s just written by a bunch of creative folks who *don’t actually live here* of course but are happy to churn this sort of thing out for any/all wealthy (enough) developers who *don’t live here either*….

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