Apr 03 2014

Guest Post: Labour’s Literature Doesn’t Add Up

guest_postGuest post by Cllr Will Stoodley, Independent Labour Group

I write with respect to two Labour Group claims in their election campaign literature for the forthcoming election on May 22nd.

Firstly, they claim that they are in favour of the ILG’s idea of having twenty minutes’ free parking. If such be the case, why did every member of the Labour Group vote against twenty minutes’ free parking in last February’s full Council Meeting? Perhaps the citizens of Harrow might ask their Labour Group candidate why they voted against an idea that they are now claiming to advocate.

Secondly, they claim that they “froze” Council Tax for three years, and I am left wondering which three years these were? The Labour Group took control of Harrow Council in May 2010. That year’s Council Tax had already been set by the previous Conservative administration in the full Council meeting of February 2010. In February 2011 and February 2012 the Labour Group did indeed freeze Council Tax for both of those following financial years. Last year however they increased Council Tax by 2%. So, Labour, don’t say that you froze Council Tax for three years when you only froze it for two!

As the then Chair of the Labour Group I was vehemently against this arbitrary 2% rise without any consultation, suggesting instead that we ought to have a local referendum in order to ask you, the citizens of Harrow, whether or not you wanted an increase in your Council Tax. However the MP for Harrow West, Gareth Thomas, turned up at the Labour Group meeting and for some reason best known to himself, eloquently talked the Labour Group out of holding a local referendum, thus denying the citizens of Harrow any say in this matter. As a result of this I was outvoted and the 2% rise went ahead.

I find it really rather worrying that, should the Labour Group win the forthcoming election, this borough will be run by a group of people who vote against their own policies, and who can’t tell the difference between “2” and “3”.

Cllr William Stoodley
Councillor for West Harrow Ward
Chair, Planning Committee
Shadow Portfolio Holder for Performance, Planning and Urban Regeneration
Group Secretary and Campaign Manager, Independent Labour Group

It is worth pointing out that of the people featured in the leaflet,  Pam Gershon is an active member of the Harrow Labour Group and apparently allows her house to be used as a convening point for Harrow East campaigning.  Ann Groves is an active member of the Harrow Labour Group and regularly attends Group meetings.  Jack Elliot is an active member of the Harrow Labour Group and the former Chair of Harrow East Labour Party.

You can download a copy of the leaflet referred to here.

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  1. Cllr John Nickolay (at present Pinner South but hoping to join my wife, Joyce, in Rayners Lane)

    Well said Will Stoodley. Of course it is only natural that the misleading Labour booklet/leaflet should feature photographs of Labour luvvies but I fear some of them who I have got to know over the years as decent, honest people will be horrified when they realise they too have been hoodwinked. In addition to dishonesty about Council Tax and trying to overlook their vote against free parking Labour have ignored how they went against public opinion regarding libraries; how they left our parks to become overgrown, unlocked and without dog poo bins; that they nearly wrecked the CAB by almost denying that worthy organisation a grant; that it has been Coalition Govt funding that has enabled young people to resume house buying and Councils like ours to provide more school places, and not them. I did not know it was Gareth Thomas MP who had a hand in hiking up our Council Tax last year. I thought he was merely a specialist in voting for Post Office closures and then joining the picket lines against that happening.

  2. Steve Wright

    Well said Cllrs. Stoodley and John Nickolay. It is an absolute disgrace that Labour are lying to Harrow residents in the hope of getting voted back into administration. How many social housing units did labour build in three years? precisely Zero!! How many do they claim in their leaflet? 1000, Labour, please supply the addresses, we all want to know where they are.

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