Sep 27 2013

Guest Post: Melanie on Whitchurch Fields

guest_postThe Whitchurch Playing Fields endurance test drags on. I am now entering my fifth year of fighting this development. However, it was a huge shock when I saw the newsletter from Whitchurch Nursery and First School, in which Mrs Winstrom, the Headteacher, states that she was in fact, well, let us try to be fair here, ‘used’ by certain Council officers. They deliberately misinformed her, made promises that they had no intention of keeping, and generally treated Mrs Winstrom in a most appalling manner.

Here, I want to make a public apology to Mrs Winstrom. I made a formal complaint about her evidence, as it was clear to me that she had been used. Prior to my formal complaint I did try, on numerous occasions, to make it clear that I thought she had been used, but those emails were ignored and so I had no choice. In order to get someone to listen I had to make a formal complaint. In retrospect I suppose why should anyone listen to me, the Council have me down as a ‘vexatious resident’, a troublemaker who is more than a little unstable. After all, it is so much easier to blame me for everything that is wrong in the Council then do anything about it. But it was Mrs Winstrom who got caught in the eye of the storm, when it is now obvious that she is in no way to blame and never was. However, to send out a newsletter in which you hold your hands up and admit that you fell for their patter, is a brave and honourable gesture. Today’s society forces the view that there is always someone else to blame, very rarely do you meet someone who says; it was my mistake, I was wrong. Mrs Winstrom’s newsletter demonstrates that she is a Headteacher of the highest morals and ethics, and for her to be treated in such a repugnant way by council officers is a disgrace.

Mrs Winstrom, I apologise for putting you through the added stress of a formal complaint. I absolutely accept, as I always suspected, that you were an innocent victim caught up in the Council’s machinations. Not only has that been proved, but your actions show that you are a Headteacher of the highest calibre and Harrow Council should be treating you with respect and dignity, not using you in their plans to get what they want at any cost.

This is yet another example of how Council officers have behaved in regard to this development. Thankfully, now we have a new Leader and Councillor Hall is not a woman who will stand by and let this kind of mistreatment go unpunished. I can only hope that not only does Mrs Winstrom find it in her heart to forgive me, but that the officers who put her in the middle of this was, get what’s coming to them. Mrs Winstrom’s reputation should remain unblemished and her honesty and bravery should be suitably rewarded.

– Melanie


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