Jan 01 2014

Guest Post: Outsiders ‘by-passed’ at faith event

black_history_monthOpen letter from Harrow Black History Month Group

Harrow’s diverse ethnic and faith communities are proudly highlighted as one of the borough’s assets. However, that view was nearly ruined for me when I recently attended a faith group event.

As part of a small group of “outsiders” at the event, I was disappointed when we were deliberately by-passed when refreshments were being served for all to share in that culture. I did inform one of the organisers.

Although as a result, I was able to sample some of the cultural delights, it made me realise how important it is for organisers of events that aim to be an outreach to other communities, to be mindful of making “outsiders” feel included and comfortable.

At Harrow’s African History Season events, and the follow up Xtra History & Reasoning Sessions, we always make sure we reach out to non-African audiences, and make them feel comfortable and welcome, in order to underscore the fact that such events are meant for everybody.

K Kwaku
Harrow BHM Group

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    K Kwaku, Harrow BHM Group, does not give the name, venue and date of the event.

    What was the event that was non-inclusive?

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