Oct 25 2013

Guest Post: Pensioner Patients are a ‘Security Risk’ in Alexandra Avenue Polyclinic

guest_post2Guest post by Peter on Alexandra Avenue Polyclinic…

NHS patients arriving early at Alexandra Avenue Clinic are locked out of the building because they are a security risk.

Arriving at 7.50 on Thursday I was admitted early only because the Doctor who had arrived in the waiting room at 7.59 looking for his 8am appointment discovered his pensioner patient outside energetically waving at him through the window and had asked for the door to be opened to admit him.

Asking the receptionist if she thought making four patients (including two pensioners) arriving ten minutes to stand outside in the cold and wet when they could have been admitted to sit in the warm wasn’t rather mean it was proclaimed to me that the sign outside the building said open at 8 am, reception staff had other things to do first and letting patients in beforehand was a security risk.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Should they not be issued with stab-proof vests to protect them from the vengeance of any patient who felt well enough to vault over the counter?[/pullquote]Raising the issue later with the Doctor – the same Doctor who had earlier risked a security breach by getting the door opened a minute early to rescue his patient – the Doctor felt unable to comment on how a Patient sitting in the building at 10 minutes to 8 was a security risk when one sitting there at 10 past wasn’t.

Nevertheless, it does appear that the decision to leave patients in the wet and the cold – is not a medical one – but a management one. What utter nonsense. On the Darwin decision scale it seems to me to rank at the bottom alongside the recent crassness of Police apprehending a stag night dwarf for impersonating a police officer.

As civil disturbances (even on NHS premises) between dawn and breakfast appear as rare as a Lunar eclipse it occurs that if the CCTV monitored Alexandra Clinic staff welfare is at such risk each morning should they not be issued with stab-proof vests to protect them from the vengeance of any patient who felt well enough to vault over the counter and violently assault them?

And if there is not the room to store vests, riot shields and pepper spray in the office – why not consider putting a bus shelter on the clinic concourse outside (I’m sure Boris has a spare one) or making an approach to a closing down pub and raiding the petty cash for a redundant bench, parasol and patio heater to shelter patients from the elements?

Sadly, any Government ambitions to extend surgery hours are going to founder at first base if the pre-breakfast security problems evident in leafy Alexandra Avenue are endemic across the country and it seems a shame that after all that’s been read and said about a need to consider the comfort of the patient that the message appears not to have trickled down to the Alexandra Clinic building management – who I fancy can park in the dry and who can enter the building with no coat on.

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  1. Mike Bradley

    All this could be avoided either by making the ‘official’ opening time 7.45, or else by making the first appointments at 8.15. Don’t bother telling me why such a solution is unworkable – I shan’t believe you.

  2. Susan Hall

    I will ask my Health Cabinet Member of the Council Cllr Simon Williams to look into this to see if we as a Council can help in an way.

  3. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    Once again “security” cited by obdurate, arrogant, self-important jobsworths and inadequate piosqueaks, for hammering innocent people, in this case the sick and the elderly.

  4. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    typo. .. I meant inadequate PIPSQUEAKS.

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