Jan 08 2016

Guest Post: South Harrow, The Forgotten Town

guest_postGuest post from JM:

Harrow council are proposing parking bays in Eastcote Lane payed for by Transport for London. The downside is they are taking out twenty of the beautiful red leaf flowering trees that we have along that part of the road. A phone call to the relevant department, number sent with paperwork, elicited the following:

They say they will put in new trees but no guarantee what they will be. I have lived here with my family for 44 years and was born in Corbins Lane. These trees used to spread higher up the road but gradually they have chopped them down and the last two replacements were green – amongst the red leaf trees. They say the trees there are diseased or leaning which could cause problems for the council if they fall on a car. The ones that lean are leaning away from the road. But hey what a convenient coincidence. I was further told that the council never maintained the trees because they could not afford to (although I have seen them trim them) so I take that to mean any new trees would not be maintained either. Plus if there are parking bays, where are they going to put the 20 replacement trees? I realise the parking bays would be beneficial but wonder more trees could be saved if they try to rejig these plans.

Mature trees are beneficial to everyone taking in the carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. Saplings do not do such an efficient job and take years to mature. It will be so sad not to see the trees in flower next spring.
No lights at Christmas : no flowering trees in spring. SOUTH HARROW – THE FORGOTTEN TOWN. As far as Harrow Council is concerned.


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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Things will not get any better in South Harrow or the rest of Harrow when the proposal to have a tri-borough police commander comes into operation. There will be one commander for Barnet, Brent and Harrow. Guess where all the police resources will go and the answer isn’t Harrow. Why is Harrow going to be penalised for achieving the safest borough?

    With one commander looking after three boroughs the chance of future public police meetings where the public can hear the Harrow crime statistics and ask questions seems unlikely. We are the smallest borough and we pay the highest Council Tax which will be diverted to fight crime in Barnet and Brent.

  2. gary roberts

    I can’t understand why they are going to cut the trees down and put in parking bays. As it is not going to make anymore room whatsoever. Most of the houses in that part of Eastcote Lane have driveways, so they can’t put parking bays across them. The road is already wide enough to have cars parking both sides of the road. & still allow traffic to flow freely in both directions. It sounds more like an excuse to get rid of the trees and grass verges.

  3. red mirror

    gary these people don’t give a rats about humanity why should they care about a few trees?as the good book says by their deeds you shall know them by the way do you know the number 1 job of a psychopath is ceo of corporations i find that of great interest and very relevant.

  4. Someonewhocares

    Well without getting too nostalgic there was a time when Harrow was a ‘pleasant leafy borough’ so perhaps this is an attempt to reverse that – get rid of trees and replace them with cars! Or perhaps it fits in with the Council’s new plans to ‘leave leaves on the road’ rather than remove them – although these left -and decaying masses- are apparently all blocking up all the grids, drains and gullies now! Let “False Economies” and “Not Fully Thought Out Rules” rule!?

  5. red mirror

    some councilors are more concerned with art galleries than than gullies but the real world disconnect is easy enough to understand you see there is no glamour or high profile egoic reward for the real world chores that have to be done no glory or photo opportunity’s thank god these people dont have to get their hands dirty because nothing would ever get done just standing by a drain or bin in a two piece dose not get it emptied no the poor under paid sap has that privilege just keep out of the photo shoot then disappear Councillor cant stand hi viz ..

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