Nov 29 2017

Harrow Youth Parliament: ‘Make Your Mark’ consultation

On Friday 11th November, Harrow’s Member of UK Youth Parliament Dara Foody joined several other colleagues in the House of Commons Chamber in order to debate the results of the Youth Parliament’s annual ‘Make Your Mark’ consultation.

The consultation – which is the largest of its kind in Europe – presents young people with ten pressing issues and asks them to select the one which is most important to them. This year it featured a number of pertinent topics including lowering the voting age to sixteen, protecting school budgets from cuts and improving the accessibility of public transport. After distributing the ballot to schools and youth groups across the borough, it emerged that introducing work experience hubs for 11-18 year olds was the most prevalent concern for Harrow’s young people which was closely followed by the issue of public transport and then Votes at 16.

On a national level, the increased provision of life skills within the curriculum was identified as being of the greatest importance with 4 of the top 5 issues within Harrow also featuring in the top 5 on a UK wide level. As a result, the debate which took place within the House of Commons was heavily centred around the needs of our borough’s younger generation and national campaigns have now been developed in order to lobby for change.

What was more remarkable about this year though was the unpredecently high turnout. In fact, 64.38% of Harrow’s young people participated in the consultation with all but one secondary school taking part and particularly impressive engagement was seen at Whitmore High School, Harrow High School and Rooks Heath College. In addition, a number of youth groups were involved which underlines the Youth Parliament’s commitment to provide a voice to a wide range of young people. Because of this, Harrow secured the highest percentage turnout in London as well as the 3rd highest in the country, thus ensuring that the voices of our young people were significant in determining the final result.

Dara Foody (Member of UK Youth Parliament for Harrow who led the consultation), said:

“As a Youth Parliament, we are determined to provide a voice to all of the young people in our borough and to persistently campaign on issues which are significant to them. Over the past year we’ve been working alongside MPs and councillors in order to increase support for votes at 16 and also to lobby for a curriculum for life to be introduced in schools across the borough. We will continue to place these issues, as well as work experience and transport, at the top of our agenda so that we can offer effective representation to those who elected us and make a change for all young people including those who are locked out of the electoral system in this country.”


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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Must say Dara you all did us proud.I had the privilege of listening to you and seeing our youths give such passionate accounts of what mattered to them.The Speaker of the House,John Bercow,was most impressed as were MPs who were dropping in.Of course,it was a delight to see Harrow give such a good account of themselves.

    I am not surprised that we have come top of the list with the most youths attending and representing our borough.HYP also came third for that in the whole of the UK.I am confident we will be Numero Uno next time round.

    It would be great to have some of this posted on your web-site for our local citizens to hear and appreciate for themselves.

    Looking forward very much to the next presenation in a year’s time.Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Very Happy New Year.

    I would be grateful if you would announce to HYP members,family and friends in Harrow that our Borough Commander is holding his 5th Annual Christmas Concert at St John the Baptist Church in Sheepcote Road,Harrow(opp Debenhams) HA1 2JE on Wednesday13 DECEMBER starting 730pm sharp.Free parking in Halfords Car Park and Greenhill Way.Open to all Harrovians.

    It’s a wonderful way of bringing together and meeting with our diverse communities and people from many walks of life,and of different generations.Such a festive and jolly atmosphere with Carol singing and a lovely Service.You will have a great opportunity to meet with the Mayor of Harrow and many other dignitaries as well as Community leaders and our lovely citizens.

    Highly recommend this unique event.Not to be missed.Please arrive by 7pm to get a good seat.The Service will be followed with refreshments of mulled wine.tea,coffee,orange juice and mince pies.Do spread the word and bring a group of friends/colleagues with you.

    Hope to see many of you there.

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