Nov 30 2014

MailOnline: Northwick Park A&E – Advance Bookings Only

nhs_hospitalThe MailOnline today has an article about Northwick Park hospital now insisting that any ambulances intending to delivery emergency care patients must call ahead in advance. The London Ambulance Service says it will advise ambulance crews if that is then ‘appropriate.’

You can read the full article here.

The paper reports that in September, there were 179 occasions where ambulance, with patients on board, had to wait outside for more than half an hour. Of those, 30 patients had to wait more than an hour.


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  1. Ewa

    May I book an A&E appointment for 8 January 2015? 🙂

  2. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

    Perhaps our local MP, Gareth Thomas, could explain what happened to that £305 million brand new hospital he promised us (back in 2005) to be built at Northwick Park by 2010?

    I’m sure that Gareth’s promised new hospital would have helped ease many of the problems currently being faced at Northwick Park.

    So, Gareth, where is that new hospital?

  3. Cllr Manji Kara

    What! Someone needs to see a doctor about thier ability or rather irresponsibilty to make such a stupid decision.

  4. Ewa

    Maybe the article is not clear enough. Maybe the hospital just asks ambulance crew to call on their way to hospital to let them prepare for immediate care? This is would be a great idea.

  5. Concened Harrovian

    I agree Cllr. Kara. Whoever made the stupid decision to close two A & E departments before the new department at Northwick Park hospital was up and running is in urgent need of medical treatment.

    Wonder if they do lobotomy reversal operations at Northwick Park?

  6. sonoo malkani

    This is all rather unfortunate since the new wing of the A&E at Northwick Park was due to open earlier.Ambulances having to book patients in this manner is truly unacceptable.A ton of money has been spent on the new wing which should be opening very soon and this should help enormously to reduce waiting times.

    I also hope the public are being made more aware of how to use their A&E department more appropriately and only access this when very necessary.Additional funding for GPs and for the NHS announced by the Chancellor yesterday should also make life easier for both patients as well as health workers and hospital staff.

  7. Mike N

    Sorry to burst the bubble but the opening of the new A&E department at Northwick Park Hospital will not relieve the waiting times by much. Whilst there are more patient cubicles to treat the sick and a few more nurses are to be allocated when the department opens in a few weeks time it is still not big enough to make much of a difference, just newer and grander!
    We have to educate most of the people who attend our A&E departments that they are just that…..Accident and Emergency not Cuts and Grazes departments. These are the people who are producing the waiting times. A lot of the people who attend our A&E departments are new to the UK and for the first time in their lives they have access to free health care and boy do they want to use it!
    As the new department is now to be at the rear of the hospital and the multi storey car park is still at the front of the hospital public parking is very limited as the new A&E is surrounded by staff car parks( which hospital staff have to pay for and is deducted monthly from their pay).
    I know there will be the stupid and selfish who will just park anywhere but each staff bay taken up may mean a member of staff being later for their shift.

    1. Ewa

      Seriously? Having parking bay on the other side of the building will result in being late for work? I wish other (private) employers could hear that! Ha, ha, ha.

  8. Concened Harrovian

    When you attend A & E there are drunks/drug addicts with various problems taking up the nurses and doctors time. Why can’t they be referred to a treatment unit say at the Alexander Poly clinic which could not only deal with the problems they have on that day but also deal with their addiction problems in the longer term?

    This would speed up the waiting time for those patients who need urgent attention.

  9. j p hobbs

    With those parking charges they should have the best of everything , whatever you go in with you may come out with depression . Outrageous comes to mind .

    1. Ewa

      You can always use a bus or walk!

      1. Willy Stoodley

        JP I was soooo disappointed that you didn’t leave a comment on my getting off being caught by stealth camera in a bus lane – you’re slipping up, dear boy!

        1. j p hobbs

          Willy cmon i am old enough to know there are different rules for you lot , as to us lot . i hope that’s good English i am starting to forget how it sounds . Happy Christmas ,,,,, dare i say in Harrow?

  10. sonoo malkani

    I am not sure that sending them to Alexandra Avenue clinic will be such a great idea unless there is a SPECIFIC waiting area created for drunks and drug addicts as many patients are young kids, elderly folk and all sorts who would feel intimidated if they were sitting alongside them.Many are ladies from ethnic groups and some do not speak the language.So the needs of all have to be addressed sensitively.

    Having a seamless service for this category of patients—they DO need treatment –followed by consultation in a specialised treatment unit located at this clinic seems a more sensible propositon than just having them turn up at A&E at Northwick Park— blocking both nurses and doctors who are badly needed for much more serious cases.

    Regarding parking facilities,I expect the hospital management might consider more staff bays near this new facility although,being an A&E facility patients would be arriving presumably in not the best health and their need for parking spaces closer to the department.might be much greater.I feel that staff ,in most places, have provision for parking.Surely they can allow extra time to get to their work stations on time—like everybody else does.

    I could not agree more about the ABUSE of our A&E service as also happens with the Ambulance Service.The latter is NOT a FREE TAXI service but for genuine emergencies.!The ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY department should be kept basically for the serious cases and not as a fall back if your GP is unavailable etc.I am very hopeful the GP service will improve soon since a great deal of money is being spent to help make this possible.

    EDUCATION is most important to get vital messages out about the CORRECT and most EFFICIENT use of both the GP and the A&E services.The new arrivals into our country ought to be given this information when they first arrive and be reminded about how they may access services appropriately.A good habit once established will help ease many problems.Sorry to say,it is not just new folk who abuse the services mentioned but others who simply think they must have attention right away,no matter what and then create unnecessary hassles for everybody else.

  11. j p hobbs

    And get Mugged Ewa ?

  12. Cllr Manji Kara

    I think we are all making wild assumption. The wildest being the new arrivals clogging up the A&E. That is poppy cock. Where is the evidence? The new arrivals are out their working hard to provide the best for their family. It is the hard nosed “experienced” people who know the system who abuse it. As for the drug/alcohol abusers, the incidents may happen after GP hours. Surely, the pressure on our hospitals are 24 hours.
    The fact remains we do not have the resources.
    The local health service has been deprived of funds. First by wasteful administration and secondly by poor formula funding.
    There is no point in throwing fingers around and blaming every one in sight.
    The successive governments have failed to pull up the poor management and adequatwly fund the service that the residents pay for through taxes.
    Which politician is brave enough to stand up and say enough is enough and really deliver for the residents?
    They live to keep the “NHS” ball in play to win votes.
    It is time the residents wake up and remind the politicians of the election of May 22 2015.
    People of Harrow, don’t throw your vote away. Make it count and vote for the person who you know will deliver real results for you rather than just empty promises.

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