Sep 25 2012

NHS Harrow Failing to Offer Diabetic Checkups

It has been reported that the health services being offered at NHS Harrow is worse as data is inadequately supplied and filled. Because of the inadequate services offered to the doctors and medical practitioners, effective treatment is not provided.

The Diabetes UK charity has accused NHS Harrow of offering regular checkups to just 2.2% of the total eligible patients. The figures are shameful as the health of large number of patients in being jeopardized.

However, the NHS Harrow is of the view that adequate steps are being taken to improve the health care services. It said that about 5.67% were invited by the NHS for check up. The diabetic cases are now being given importance.

No matter how NHS Harrow deals with the criticism, the fact is that its care service is poor on national level. The Charity noted that diabetic patients are being put at risk by not offering them effective health care services.

Graham Cooper from the Diabetes UK said, “It means that people at high risk of type two diabetes are missing out on the information and support to make the lifestyle changes that can help prevent it”. It is hoped that the authorities will take adequate measures to improve the figures.

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