Aug 24 2013

Northwick Park Gets £14.4m A&E Development

nhs_hospitalBuilder and Engineer magazine carries an article this week about a new A&E department at Northwick Park Hospital. Not quite the brand new £305 million hospital that Gareth Thomas MP promised us back in 2004 just before an election (coincidence? No, surely not).

Anyway, the article says:

Balfour Beatty has won a £14.4m contract to build a new emergency department at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow.

The pavilion-style building will have direct and level access to the car park and will be connected to other parts of the hospital by enclosed link bridges. A lower level will provide accommodation such as offices, seminar rooms and the main plant room.

Balfour Beatty Engineering Services will deliver the M&E services installation package including modular services units, which are constructed off-site, and have been specified to reduce installation times and improve safety.

The company’s BIM technology will allow stakeholders to view the building from a user perspective and in multidimensional detail before the build.

Client North West London Hospitals NHS Trust wants the scheme to be a centre of excellence for urgent and emergency care, supporting its vision to improve treatment times and the experience of emergency department users.

The building, which should be complete by April next year, has been designed to be highly sustainable with features such as a roof top bio-diversity garden containing sedum plants and wildflowers which are designed to help the building fit into the natural ecology of the area as well as providing pleasant views for the occupants of other buildings.

Other sustainability features include an array of power providing photo-voltaic cells, an efficient combined heat and power unit, as well as LED lighting.

Source: Builder and Engineer

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  1. Praxis Reform

    There’s something fishy about this whole “Gareth promised us a new hospital” business. Firstly, Northwick Park hospital is in Brent North constituency, so why the heck is Gareth Thomas promising to build a hospital in Barry Gardiner’s patch?

    Secondly, a pavilion? seriously? The first thing that sprung into my mind was Brighton pavilion, and I don’t really associate that with hospitals… I guess Northwick Park really shot themselves in the foot when they surrounded the old building with a massive multi-story car park, making any sort of expansion almost impossible.

  2. j p hobbs

    Ahhh yes !!!! CAR PARK !!!! you may have hit the nail on the head … Labours favourite way to screw more money from the GOOD people of Harrow by the BAD people of Harrow , have you seen the charges lately . OMG

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