Feb 27 2011

Northwick Park Hospital – HUB

If you have a few hours here and there spare time on your hands, you might like to consider volunteering to join Northwick Park Hospital’s ‘Hospital User Bank’ – the HUB. It “…offers a fantastic opportunity for you to get involved with your local hospital and help improve our services. Or the HUB can simply be a way for you to find out more about what is going on.”

  • Hand hygiene audits: Help us combat hospital acquired infections by observing staff and visitors to ensure they wash their hands properly between patient contacts, whilst travelling through the hospital.
  • Cleanliness monitoring: Using hand held electronic devices, help us monitor the cleanliness of public areas in the hospital.
  • Staff behaviours: All patients deserve respect and dignity, observing hospital staff will help us to maintain the highest levels of patient care.
  • Hospital signage: Hospital signs can sometimes be confusing, help test our signage to ensure our patients can access all departments and services without confusion.
  • Menu tasting: As a HUB member you can also get involved with menu testing.
  • Does our information make sense?: You can also provide feedback on patient information leaflets for their presentation and content.
  • Be part of one of our committees: Some HUB members also play a vital role by sitting alongside hospital staff and managers as patient representatives on Trust committees.
  • Helping patients give us feedback: You can help patients to give us feedback about their experiences in hospital.
  • Focus groups: Come along to focus groups which help us find out what you think of hospitals services and what your experiences have been.

For more information call 020 8869 3552 or  complete the PDF here and send it in.

Source(s): The North West London Hospitals NHS Trust

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