Sep 24 2014

Northwick Park League of Friends fund £90,000 of equipment in the first half of 2014

20140924_league_of_friendsLeague of Friends fund £90,000 of equipment in the first half of 2014.

The LOF have quietly gone about their business of raising funds for good causes at Northwick Park Hospital for 40 years.

Under the stewardship of Derek and Jean Jones since 1986 the LOF has met and overcome many challenges. Derek has been Chairman for the last 7 years and he will be the first to tell you that none of this could have been achieved without the people of Harrow incredible generosity and their willingness to volunteer their services. Patients and the Staff are all great supporters. Additionally our friends at Radio Northwick Park are broadcasting advertisements on our behalf during programmes and the commercial outlets within the hospital are very helpful and sympathetic to our aims and objectives.

The LOF achievement so far this year is to be acknowledged in a presentation to the Hospital (not yet arranged) and hopefully we will be supported by the local press and parliamentarians.

History of the League of Friends

The League first commercial activity was from trolleys selling day to day essentials for patients from outside the restaurant at lunch times and in 1974 the first shop was opened. After a change of premises in 1984 the League moved into larger premises in 1988 selling bakery items, drinks, newspapers, toys, confectionary and various household goods. In 1974 the National Association of League of Friends reported that the Northwick Park Hospital League of Friends was found to have the best trading turnover among all League of Friend’s operating in the country. At that time the turnover was £2,000 per week.

For 35 years the League worked hard from its shop base building up to a turnover of £10,000 per week operating a trolley service to most wards, managing a market traders square, and providing a purpose in life for almost 200 volunteers including local students who not only worked in the shop but gave up their weekends to operate the trolley rounds.

Since its inception the League has raised several million pounds for good causes in support of the hospital and its staff and entirely achieved the visions set out by Albert Hubbard and Dr Thwaites some 35 years earlier.

In early 2009 the League were faced with a crisis as the hospital had decided to provide to upgrade facilities for patients, visitors and staff in the form of a retail concourse. The League was unable to compete against high street names for the vastly larger convenience store and therefore had to rethink its position.

Eventually and after much negotiation the LOF had to settle for a small gift shop and continued control of the market traders who now operate within the retail concourse area, known as the Square. These traders are organised by Jean jones and in the last 5 years have contributed approx. £150,000. In this way, the League has been able to continue raising funds. Unfortunately, having to give up the convenience store and trolley rounds has meant that there is considerably fewer volunteers required so from a peak 200, we now operate with approximately 50 volunteers and most unfortunately have lost the contact with wonderful students from local schools. Nevertheless the League continues to survive and its continual existence is testament to the resourcefulness and determination of its present committee and volunteers.


We have funded substantial projects and many items of equipment over the years including

  • Mini-bus for the Paediatric Unit
  • Funding of £7,000 for the Histopathology Unit
  • Hydrotherapy Pool opened by Hon Angus Ogilive (£400,000 raised in 3 years with help from the LOF
  • Medawar Post Graduate Centre opened with a grant of £100,000 from LOF
  • In 1992 donated £180,000 for various medical equipment.
  • Refurbishment of the Chapel including installation of a loop system
  • December 1995 Dr Mike Liberman thanked the LOF for 2 gifts of £50,000 each to the Children’s Unit
  • Substantial donation towards John Levy Lecture Hall
  • Support for the New Arthritis Centre
  • Radio Northwick Park (several donations over the years).
  • £20,000 donated for The Jack Shrimpton relative’s room in Theatre area.
  • Funding of £25,000 to assist the provision of the Cancer Advice Unit
  • A donation towards the provision of a Remedial Garden for patients with Arthritis
  • Since 2011 we have sponsored the publication of the NWLH Trust magazine.


  • Hydro pool cover
  • Portable Bladder Scanner
  • Electric standing frame.
  • Enhancing Healing Environment
  • Treadmill
  • Magnetic Head Boards for all beds
  • Artwork display cases.
  • Gym Equipment.
  • Total cost £85,646.

For further information please contact John Wythe 07785 922052 wythejc@gmail.com



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