Jul 25 2013

Husain Says: Harrow Parents Let Down

husain_akhtar“The education and welfare of children in Harrow have suffered in silence because of other high profile issues at the Civic Centre, including what appears to be the political instability, resulting in uncertain decision-making and future,” says Independent Councillor Husain Akhtar. “This is massive let down for the Harrow parents who expect best for their children.”

Concerns include:

  • The last Ofsted Inspection judged the Safeguarding and Looked After Children’s Services as “Adequate” as were some Children’s Centres – ‘adequate’ under the current grading system means ‘require improvement’, a category of failure.
  • Some schools recently inspected by Ofsted have been downgraded, including one school that was previously judged as ‘Outstanding’ has now been put under ‘Special Measures’.
  • Despite these weaknesses, the Children’s services has abolished a crucial ‘quality assurance’ post and has a new portfolio holder who has no track record to command or achieve improvement.

Education and employment destination data published by the DfE shows that the Harrow school leavers have no place in the following Top 10 tables:


  • Top 10 – proportion going to any Higher Education Institution
    • Redbridge (highest in this table) 66%
    • Reading (lowest in this table) 60%
    • (The table includes Brent, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest but not Harrow)
  • Top 10 – proportion going to any top third Higher Education Institution (like Goldsmiths College, Imperial College of Science, Kings College London, London School of Economics and Political Science)
    • Reading (highest in this table) 41%
    • Ealing (lowest in this table) 24%
    • (The table includes Barnet and Slough but not Harrow)
  • Top 10 – proportion going to any Russell Group university (smaller but similar group of Unis as the top third above)
    • Reading (highest in this table) 27%
    • Wokingham (lowest in this table) 13%
    • (The table includes Barnet but not Harrow)
  • Top 10 – proportion going to Oxbridge
    • Reading (highest in this table) 6%
    • Trafford (lowest in this table) 2%
    • (The table includes Barnet and Merton but not Harrow)
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  1. Usud Shah

    Hokey Cokey which party now hussain??..this man seems to have no credibility, all he seems to do is complain complain complain and simply attack.
    Just please retire Cllr Hussain , it is time you took it easy , all this negativity cant be good for your heath can it.

    ok… childish mode aside…your style of politics has no place or integrity in this changing world where there are people elected who are more adapt, intelligent, culturally balanced and above all ingrained with the old and new values to its diverse and dynamic changes to carry it forward. it is simply,not a matter to just attack and be the aggressor when cornered… perhaps in times when minorities existed it was different and it needed your strong approach but that time has now passed and your style or yo yo integrity to cling onto your own dwindling insecure stature is not needed and is quite frankly insulting to the electorate.

    A party should move forward as a team and you have shown you are not the best person to even speak based on your history

    So please shows us what your able to really do..You had your time now please please please stop and retire.

    there is modern world evolving so let it evolve sir.

    look at the larger picture and do not make it obvious by stating stupid statistics and ” hen ” picking the worst bits of a much improved harrow children portfolio service to dupe the electorate.

  2. Sharon

    I was intrigued by the title of your post which led me to read your blog. Instead of providing insight to us, the electorate, on how you would address the gaps in our boroughs performance moving forward – which, admittedly, would give me cause to support your agenda – you digress and shamefully absolve yourself from any wrong doing. I would humbly advise you to let go of your divisive style if you want to continue your career in political representation.

    Your post has only confirmed my view how local representatives spend more time bickering and less time doing any form of real value add. Its tragic to think how our tax payers money is primarily being used to fuel ones political career. ‘I want my money back’ comes to my mind

    In fact, i think you’ve single handedly shed light on the role the public sector has played on driving up our National Debt, completing the narrative alongside the ceremonious collapse of our financial sector and its impact on our Economy. You’ve both creamed off any economic surplus for yourselves with no net benefit to the community.

    Inefficient, Ineffective and Opportunistic Politicians should share the same public fate as the Greedy and Opportunistic Bankers! As they say, out with the old….

  3. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    I think we shoud repect Husain’s expertese on political instability – after all, he has either belonged to, or allegedly applied to belong to, EVERY political party in Harrow!

  4. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    For the avoidance of doubt, when I say “allegedly applied” I refer to his alleged application to join UKIP – to which Jeremy Zeid allegedly retorted “Over my dead body!” which is allegedly why Labour Group members were allegedly repeating this phrase at the last council meeting. Perhaps Husain could confirm or deny these allegations?

  5. Haz

    There’s nothing more to add which hasn’t been said here already, and in the case of Sharon above, said very well indeed!

    I could comment on just how tiring it is to hear yet another unsubstantiated rant by Cllr Husain; I could comment on just how detrimental his views and actions are to the public’s perception of politics today, or that criticising for the sake of criticism alone, without any remedy or alternatives, should be confined to school playgrounds only, but it seems I needn’t waste my breath.

    And seeing as though my post would otherwise be considered redundant, I’ll leave the councillor with some wise words my grand-father once shared with me:

    If, in life, you can’t decide where you stand, maybe you should simply ‘sit down’.

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